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Playful Angora’s

English Angora rabbits all have their own individual personalities, they are generally good tempered and calm but do have a playful side. Often when they are ready to be separated from their mother and other babies they can find this process a bit unsettling so it doesn’t hurt to place suitable toys in their hutches… Read more »

Clipping in action

Here is a video showing the process of clipping an English Angora rabbit that was in show coat by Sally May of Bourne Stud Angoras. For more information see the post on clipping an Angora rabbit.

Virtual Woolfest online

Although Woolfest has been cancelled in Cockermouth this year, it has moved online. There will be a virtual Woolfest, Woolfest Online 2020 on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June. Do visit the Woolfest Online 2020 Facebook page. The National Angora Club will be there, selling our wool (we hope) and letting people know about our… Read more »

Rabbit face masks

We have a few masks if anyone would like to buy one. There are two types at the moment. They are made from 100% cotton (outer) and 100% silk (inner). They are one size and cost £6 each to National Angora Club (NAC) Members. Postage £1 within the UK. If you would like one please… Read more »

Is my rabbit an Angora?

The National Angora Club are often contacted by people who have bought or rescued a fluffy rabbit, and have been told that it is an Angora. Even the Rabbit Welfare Association may be mistaken, as their Winter 2017 magazine shows. Their article on Angora rabbits pictured 1 Angora, 2 Lionheads and a possible Cashmere Lop…. Read more »

Fibre-East and British Wool Show 2019

The National Angora Club had stands at two craft festivals in July and August this year. Fibre-East took place at Redbourne School, Ampthill, Bedford on 27th July, after a very hot week. Thankfully the temperature dropped so it was safe to bring Cheyenne, the Smoke Angora. Anne demonstrated spinning pure Angora on the wheel, whilst… Read more »

Overseas angora clubs

United States of America : National Angora Rabbbit Breeders Club United States of America: Betty Chu English Angoras International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi

Angora rabbits can get ill and one illness to be aware of is Encephalitozoon Cuniculi. It is common and 52% of healthy domestic rabbits have it. They are not sure currently if it is a fungi or protozoa. Spores are passed through urine and can affect the nervous system and kidneys. In a post mortem… Read more »


Ensure you check your angora rabbits teeth regularly and a good time to do this is every time you clip them. Teeth troubles are very common and if left untreated can cause your angora discomfort and potentially more harmful complaints. Key symptoms of teeth problems include drooling, weight loss, eating greens on one side of… Read more »