This year the National Angora Club Stock Show as well as the London Championship show were held virtually. The Judge was Mrs Gemma Mckell who said it was a pleasure to judge the angora stock show but also proved difficult, as pictures do not really do these beautiful rabbits justice. Nice to see them all groomed, and ready for a show. Stay safe everyone, hopefully we will all be out showing and enjoying our wonderful hobby soon!!!

Here are the results:

Class 1 Angora REW Adult (1 entry)

Pen 100 – Petala Stud – White. Nice shaped adult, clean looks a good full coat – CC

Petala stud entry 100 – 1st place

Class 2 Angora REW u/5 (1 entry)

Pen 101 – Petala Stud – White. Doesn’t seem to have the shape, shade on the long side. Clean.Not length of wool.

Petala Stud entry – Pen 101 – 1st place

Class 3 Angora Blue/Smoke Adult ( 2 entries)

Pen 102 – 1st Chris Hamilton – Smoke. Nice colouring on top, shade pale under, Young Adult.

Pen 103-   2nd Oakdale Stud –  Smoke. Lacks grooming, looks pale under colour. Pictures not clear on shape.

Chris Hamilton entry – Smoke doe called Ebony – 1st place

Dawn of Oakdale Stud entry – Smoke – 2nd place

Pen 103

Class 4 Angora Blue/Smoke u/5 (2 entries)

Pen 104 – 1st Charles white – Blue. Good ear furnishings, reasonable shape – cc

Pen 105 – 2nd Charles White – Blue. Nice colour, still baby coat.Good under colour.

Charles White entries and winners of 1st and 2nd place

Class 5 Angora AOC Adult (5 entries)

Pen 108 – 1st  Chris Hamilton – Good length of wool. Nice Furnishings and shape  – Sooty Fawn

Pen 109 – 2nd Chris Hamilton – Nice shape , Not furnishings on feet – Sable

Pen 107 – 3rd Sian Toon – Looks young adult. Promising shape. Not length of wool – Lilac

Pen 110 – 4th Sian Toon – Sooty Fawn

Chris Hamilton entry – Sooty Fawn doe called Trumpet – 1st place

Chris Hamilton entry 109 – Sable doe – 2nd place

Sian Toon entry – Lilac – 3rd place

Sian Toon entries 106 & 110 – Sooty Fawns – 110 4th place

Class 6 Stud Buck/Brood Doe (8 entries)

Pen 113 – 1st Sally May (Bourne Stud) Smoke Doe, Good furnishings, well arched back, Nice shape

Pen 118 2nd Sally May (Bourne Stud) White Buck, Reasonable shape, furnished ears

Pen 117-  3rd Sally May (Bourne Stud) Chocolate Doe, Good carriage, although unevenly clipped. Could do with more furnishings on ears.

Bourne Stud entry – Smoke Doe called Cleone – 1st place

Bourne Stud entry – White Buck called Elijah – 2nd place

Bourne Stud entry – Chocolate Doe called Pink – 3rd place

Bourne Stud entry – Brown grey Buck Rufus

Bourne Stud entry – Golden Doe called Rococo

Bourne Stud entry – White Doe called Morgan

Bourne Stud entry – Smoke Doe called Layla

Bourne Stud entry – Smoke Buck called Pyjamas

Challenge Adult  (16 entries)

1st Pen 108 – Chris Hamilton- Sooty fawn

2nd Pen 100 – Petala Stud – White

3rd Pen 109 -Chris Hamilton – Sable

Winner of Challenge Adult pen 108

Challenge u/5

1st Pen 104 – Charles white – Blue

2nd Pen 105 – Charles White – Blue

3rd Pen 101 Petala Stud – White

Winner of Challenge u/5 pen 104

Challenge AA

1st Pen 108 Chris Hamilton – Sooty fawn

2nd Pen 100 Petala Stud – White

3rd Pen 109 Chris Hamilton – Sable

Winner of Challenge AA pen 108