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Hand rearing Angora rabbits Week 3

The journey of the two baby English Angora rabbits continues as they start to develop further. This is the end of week 3 so 21 days old now and are quite the characters. As they are being hand reared they are very used to being handled and very friendly and social at such a young… Read more »

Hand rearing Angora rabbits Week 1

So hopefully hand rearing baby Angora rabbits is rarely needed, but in the eventuality that it is, here is some guidance on how to do it. Recently I had a doe who gave birth to a litter of babies, she started to show signs of failing health prior to the birth and sadly died immediately… Read more »

Angora rabbit books for sale

If you want to read more about the Angora rabbit then there are a few books which are available for sale from the National Angora Club and have been written by members of the club including Lesley Hordon, Barbara Pratley and Yvonne Hobbs. Four great books for you to read on the Angora rabbit and… Read more »

Damaged ears

This little baby Angora rabbit has damaged ears sadly and both ears have dropped or folded over as opposed to standing upright. It is not known what causes the damage, it could be by being sat on by the mother or one of the other baby bunnies or could be down to the high temperatures… Read more »

The relaxed pose

I have been spending a bit more time recently observing my English Angora rabbits and some have some really funny traits and poses but all have great personalities. Most are really social and friendly, some more timid and quiet and then there is the one off occasionally who is moody or grouchy. Other traits can… Read more »

Grass time

It is good to be able to put your Angora rabbits outside in good weather to enjoy some fresh grass and fresh air if you have the space to do this. It is also a chance to observe them while they relax and check them over to ensure they are all healthy and look at… Read more »