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Damaged ears

This little baby Angora rabbit has damaged ears sadly and both ears have dropped or folded over as opposed to standing upright. It is not known what causes the damage, it could be by being sat on by the mother or one of the other baby bunnies or could be down to the high temperatures… Read more »

The relaxed pose

I have been spending a bit more time recently observing my English Angora rabbits and some have some really funny traits and poses but all have great personalities. Most are really social and friendly, some more timid and quiet and then there is the one off occasionally who is moody or grouchy. Other traits can… Read more »

Grass time

It is good to be able to put your Angora rabbits outside in good weather to enjoy some fresh grass and fresh air if you have the space to do this. It is also a chance to observe them while they relax and check them over to ensure they are all healthy and look at… Read more »

Taking care of your brood Doe

If you are new to breeding Angora rabbits then this hopefully will help provide a few answers and provide details on what to expect. If you are breeding from an experienced older doe then the process should be more straight forward, although this is not always the case.

Thinking of getting an Angora?

I would really like an Angora……. An Angora rabbit in full exhibition coat is one of the most attractive sights at a rabbit show. However, before settling on the rabbit of your dreams, it is worthwhile thinking about what rabbit keeping in general involves. Rabbits need a lot of attention and Angora rabbits require extra… Read more »

Buying your first Angora

It is very important to do your research before buying any Angora rabbits from breeders on the internet with youngsters or preloved sites. You can get into a lot of problems very easily if you don’t. Look at the British Rabbit Council and find your local clubs, or a national club, such as the National… Read more »

‘Les the Quack’s Column’

Leaky Faucet I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I find it is only bucks that have stubborn eye problems that refuse to clear up. Well I have found one solution that at least gives temporary relief. You must I’m afraid do the unthinkable – put a buck in with a does and… Read more »

Clipping in action

Here is a video showing the process of clipping an English Angora rabbit that was in show coat by Sally May of Bourne Stud Angoras. For more information see the post on clipping an Angora rabbit.

Clipping an Angora rabbit

Most Angora rabbit owners clip their rabbit with hairdressing scissors, with the rabbit sat quietly on their knees. Most will sit calmly throughout the process occasionally wriggling and the process is not stressful for them. Here is a step by step of the process with photographs of clipping a White Angora rabbit and separating out… Read more »