Wow have they changed, they are little bundles of fluff now and full of energy and keen to play and run about. They still don’t have names yet and still not 100% on whether they are bucks or does or one of each. The larger potentially is a doe whilst the smaller bunny might be a buck. They have very different characters which develop more each day as does their coat colouring.

Weight gain

The larger of the two babies is 303 grams and the smaller is catching up and now 279 grams and both are growing well. They are gaining weight faster now they are eating and feeding themselves on the range of food in the cage. They are still offered milk but tend to decline this although the smaller one will occasionally have some still. You still get milk everywhere when feeding them milk but they both wash themselves afterwards to remove the left over milk and I tend to use wipes and paper towels to clean around their faces to remove the excess milks well.


Both babies like to come out of their hutch to run around the living room and have a lot of fun exploring their new world beyond the cage. They start slowly but gain in confidence and speed and soon are running laps round the table as well as kicking their legs up and doing random jumps and turns. You do need to be mindful that they still will make a mess outside of their hutch and will need to clean up after them if you let them out to explore inside.

Feeding greens and parsley

One of their favourite food types is greens and they love the parsley and eat this first over all the other foods. They are testing out all food types put in their hutch but very quickly have shown a preference for oats, greens and ready grass. They are drinking water from the bowl in their hutch and also licking and biting the salt lick which hangs on the side of their hutch.

Sleeping arrangements and toilet training

The larger bunny still dominates the sleeping space and often is found lying on their back with their feet in the air. They also like to both sit on top of the cardboard box to sleep in preference to on the floor. The smaller one tends to use the litter tray in the hutch more than the larger baby to urinate in but both have started to use this in preference to the main hutch. They are cleaned out each day as well as areas of the hutch that are messy are cleaned during the day and refreshed. They sleep a lot still but wake up when you come into the room and stand up on their hind legs or at the bars to get attention. As soon as you open one of the doors they look up and want to be stroked or fed.

Really pleased both are doing so well and will continue to update on their journey and development over the coming weeks. If the weather is good next week they may get a chance to go outside on the lawn in the garden in a hutch during the day for a short time.