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Three Counties Show 2019

We had English Angora rabbits Rufus, Mio, and Llewelyn at the three counties yesterday entertaining the crowds, by being stroked and handled. Many people do not realise they are angoras, and thought they were dogs. Others are amazed that Angora wool only comes from rabbits and not goats. It was very popular and Mio was… Read more »

Best Angora@NE Championship

Good day at North East championships today. Alan Cargo won Best Angora Adult ending with 3rd in the fancy challenge AA. He also won Best Angora u/5 ending Best fancy u/5 also Best Cashmere . His rabbit is the son of his smoke champion Black Magic and is called Neptune. A stunning rabbit, I expect we… Read more »

Is my rabbit an Angora?

The National Angora Club are often contacted by people who have bought or rescued a fluffy rabbit, and have been told that it is an Angora. It can be difficult for rescues, pet shops and others not familiar with Angoras to tell the difference between different breeds of long haired rabbits. The Club are willing… Read more »

Winners at Coventry Stock Show

Yvonne Hobbs Fothergill with her under 4 month old White doe, Best in Show in the 1* show judged by Rob Banks. Grindey and Banks with their under 5 month White doe, Best in Show in the Open and also in the 3* stock show judged by Christine Hamilton.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the National Angora Club is to be held at 1pm at the stock show venue at Wyken Coomunity Centre, Westmorland Rd, Wyken,Coventry  Please send any items for the agenda to myself or Lesley Hordon. There will be a 3 star and a 1 star stock show.Written by Chris Hamilton Secretary

National Angora Stock Show 2019

National Angora Stock Show to be held on Sunday 26th May 2019, at the usual venue: Wyken Community Centre, Westmorland Road, off Belgrave Road, Wyken, Coventry,CV2 5PY. Judge Mr Alan Cargo. The AGM will be held at 1pm lunchtime at this stock show on 26thMay. All proposals to be sent to myself or Lesley Hordon. My contact… Read more »

Bradford Show 2019 -Show Angoras competition

Bradford small livestock show held 20/21 January at Doncaster racecourse Although there were six adults and one U/5 rabbit were entered only two adults and one U/5 were at the show. Due to the gap between entering and the show date, it is not always possible to predict what a rabbit might do in that… Read more »

The Bradford Show 2019-Products Competition

The National Angora Club Products Competition There was a very good entry this year, with two beginners producing excellent work. There were a wide variety of scarves, gloves, skeins, flowers and toys. The Judge, Anne Gibson, found it very difficult to choose between this finely spun Angora chemise from Mary Tomlin and the beaded shawl… Read more »

The Show Groomers Armoury

You might think that I should be the last person advising “show” people on grooming ideas, but the top exhibitors have kindly shared some very surprising ideas with me which you might find interesting. When embarking on a new hobby, career, or interest the thing to do is go to the top, and thats what I… Read more »

The National Angora Club Products Competition

The London Show October 2018 The National Angora Club products competitions are open to all members, whether they keep rabbits themselves or not. Whilst it is great to see members on the day handing in their entries, those who cannot travel to shows can send in their entries by post.  The judge at the London… Read more »