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Floral tribute for Yvonne

We are organising an angora rabbit floral tribute for Yvonne’s funeral, and if we can raise enough we hope to have a Memorial Shield for a Stock Show. If you would like to donate please go to and donate as a friend. If you want to donate any other way please let Sally May… Read more »

Tribute to Yvonne

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that Yvonne Fothergill-Hobbs sadly passed away this morning peacefully in her sleep. She has been a wonderful friend and fellow English Angora rabbit enthusiast and will be sadly missed from the hobby for all who knew her. For anyone who didn’t know Yvonne she… Read more »

What a welcome back!

After many years in the fancy as a junior, (1999-2005), I came back to the rabbit world in 2018 after spending 9 years in Sydney, Australia doing the travelling “thing” as well as successfully building a recruitment agency so when I came back and settled in the UK, naturally I reached out to old friends… Read more »

Boredom Busting for Bunnies

Cast your mind back to the Year 1983. There were some unforgettable moments: Shergar was stolen Michael Jackson’s Thriller video was aired on MTV for the first time Flashdance and Return of the Jedi were box office hits I got my first rabbit. A Netherland Dwarf called Flopsy. Even at the age of 9 I… Read more »

Pablo v Kevin. Round One

My Grandad was a Welsh Welter Weight Champion of Wales, but even he would have never witnessed a fight like this one! Someone in my family (I am not pointing any fingers or naming names) didn’t close the gate between the two sets of rabbits. I didn’t notice anything was amiss until I looked into… Read more »

Jenson the house bunny

Here is a brief update on Jenson who is our 4 year old English Angora house bunny.  2 years ago we were referred to CJ Hall (who are a specialist with small animals) due to the ongoing issues with his teeth. Last year Jenson had a turn for the worse and was extremely unwell to… Read more »

Bunny photo competition 2022

This year we are running a bunny photo competition again so send us your fun Angora rabbit photos.  So what we would like you to do is send in photo’s of your Angora bunny, if you want to send us more than one if you have many good photo’s of one bunny or lots of… Read more »

Success with showing Angora Rabbits by Richard Grindey

Mr Chocolate Pudding comes out of under five months into the adults after an amazing run so far to day, he has achieved an amazing 4 Best in Shows, 2 Runner up Best in Shows, 6 Best Fancy’s and a Runner up Best Fancy at the 3 Star Bradford Championship show which was his first… Read more »