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Our Angora Adventure Begins

As all in our household continued to go out to work, we were far from bored during the lockdown of 2020, but we certainly thought more about our hopes and dreams for the future. It started as ‘moving to West Wales and taking on a smallholding’, including a pair of donkeys requested by our son,… Read more »

The History of the Poncho by Mary Tomlin

I was thrilled to get the Wow factor in the virtual Products show and this actually confirms the reaction of people whenever I wear the poncho outside.  I’m asked “where did you get it” and when told I made it and the history of the making I’m asked “can you make me one?” Well this item… Read more »

Bunny2Beanie -My German Angoras

I have to admit my passion for angoras came from a desire to spin and knit my own fibre.  Having a German husband and being drawn to the extra yield/size of the German Angora compared to the English Angora lead me on a quest to acquire some of these more rare and majestic bunnies. My… Read more »

Jo Ford English Angoras

Jo Ford is one of our NAC members who has in more recent years got the English Angora rabbit bug as well. She has started up a small stud and enjoys keeping Angora rabbits currently mainly in a pet capacity and is keen to start making wool products in the future.

Breeding from a Sable Angora rabbit

Here are a few images of a litter from a Sable Angora rabbit doe and in the litter there are 2 siamese sables (medium shade) and 1 marten sable medium and 1 white in the litter all born on Good Friday 2nd April in 2021. It is common to throw whites as we used whites to… Read more »

Animal Assisted Activities Enhance the Lives of Humans

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) is the use of animals in a recreation or visitation setting to help people with specific needs. Providing many opportunities for people of all ages to gain motivation, education and / or recreational enhancement of the quality of our human lives. Animal Assisted Activities are delivered in a range of different… Read more »

Welcome to our new members

If you are new to keeping Angora Rabbits or have just joined us this post is for you and thank you for joining the National Angora Club and welcome from all of us in 2021.