I was thrilled to get the Wow factor in the virtual Products show and this actually confirms the reaction of people whenever I wear the poncho outside.  I’m asked “where did you get it” and when told I made it and the history of the making I’m asked “can you make me one?” Well this item was really a labour of love – and one I thoroughly enjoyed. If I hadn’t made this I don’t think I would ever have got into spinning Angora. It goes back to 1983 when I discovered and fell in love with the wonderful Angora rabbit, bought my first Angora and spinning wheel and started to teach myself to spin. The only fibre I had was Angora and over  time, about 5 years, I managed a sort of yarn. There was no internet then and I lived too far away from Angora members – except Ray  Whitcombe who I met up with at local rabbit shows. I collected all the 2ply  practice yarn which was not good spinning lumpy, too thick, too thin, over and under spun .

I’ve not been able to attend Angora Stock shows for many years, and I know I must be invisible to many members, and of course I am no longer able to keep Angora where I live, but by doing the products side it keeps my interest going. Well I had a lot of Angora and I certainly was not going to throw it away, so I embarked on the knitting of the poncho – it actually weighs 278 grams. When it was finished it was a dirty grey colour, not white, all the years of sweaty hands I suppose. A good wash and it came to life- a brilliant white and of course all the bad spinning showed up.  Eventually I dyed it blue, which disguised the imperfections, and it became almost as beautiful as the rabbit itself. This poncho is nearly 30 years old and every winter I embrace the luxury of its warmth and softness. A treasured possession. So, if you are a beginner, don’t despair, keep going and you too will be the possessor of something unique that you will treasure too, and if so let Sally know and we can all share your pride. Happy spinning