London Championship 2019

Best in Show for Foxwoods Stud

There were five entries at London this year two under five whites belonging to Foxwoods stud and three coloureds owned by Petala stud, one adult two under five.

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Three Counties Show 2019

We had English Angora rabbits Rufus, Mio, and Llewelyn at the three counties yesterday entertaining the crowds, by being stroked and handled. Many people do not realise they are angoras, and thought they were dogs. Others are amazed that Angora wool only comes from rabbits and not goats. It was very popular and Mio was the clipping demo rabbit, he looked rather different after the experience but behaved beautifully as usual.

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Best Angora@NE Championship

Good day at North East championships today. Alan Cargo won Best Angora Adult ending with 3rd in the fancy challenge AA. He also won Best Angora u/5 ending Best fancy u/5 also Best Cashmere .

His rabbit is the son of his smoke champion Black Magic and is called Neptune. A stunning rabbit, I expect we will hear more about him in the future.

Congratulations Alan and Neptune.

AGM 26th May 2019

National Angora Club AGM

Held at 1pm on 26thMay 2019 at Wyken Community Centre, Westmoreland Rd, Coventry, CV2 5BP.

Present. Mrs C. Hamilton (Secretary), Mrs L Hordon (Chair), Mrs S May (Treasurer), Mrs S Sutton (Vice President), Mrs J Connolly, Mrs Y Hobbs-Fothergill, Mr Richard Grindey-Banks, Mr Rob Grindey-Banks, Mr A Wright, Mr M Fox, Ms A Wray, Mrs G Webb-Bailey, Mrs S Fisher (visiting)

Apologies: Alan Cargo, Lesley Taylor, Joan Ward, Dawn Caines, Joan Leighton.

Minutes of last AGM read and approved. Proposed S, May seconded |J. Connolly.

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A Tail of delight

I bought a doe from Lesley

Mated to a winning buck.

(I wanted something nice to show

And thought I’d try my luck).

I put her in a roomy hutch 

Without disturbing her too much,

I fed her on the best of fare

And told her just how much I care.

After a month (her name’s Delight)

She had some babies in the night;

I dared not look at them in case

They vanished not leaving a trace!

But on the awful morning after,

One tiny head I found –

So perfectly dismembered

‘twould have made a surgeon proud!

I gave her a big pile of greens

Before looking for the rest.

Imagine my sighs of relief

Seeing three wholebabies in the nest!!

Now they are getting sleek and fat

Dare I hope and pray

That one of them will catch the eye

Of Mrs P one day??

Poem By Yvonne Fothergill-Hobbs

Natural angora rabbit products

This years woolfest was a great success and the National Angora Club was there with a whole range of natural Angora rabbit products from their members. A few images below of the stand and a thank you to Leslie and Sandra for all their work on the stand.

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Keeping cool this summer

You will need to take extra care this summer with your Angora rabbits due to the continued good weather we are having in parts of the UK. High summer temperatures can cause severe dehydration, over heating and health problems for animals especially woolly ones.

Top 10 approaches to keeping your Angora rabbits cool in hot weather:

  1. Clip them to remove the large long coats
  2. Use frozen bottles of water or frozen pads so they can sit by them to cool down
  3. Hang a wet towel in front of their cage or cover part of the hutch with a wet towel
  4. Ensure they are in a shaded location or add additional shade netting to the area and if necessary move hutches into the shade area if possible
  5. Ensure good ventilation and use additional fans to aid with moving air if possible
  6. Put them in larger more open cages
  7. Reduce the bedding down
  8. Provide a cooler surface for them to lie on like wire
  9. Provide more water bottles and you could put a ceramic bowl in as well
  10. Refresh water bottles with cold water throughout the day

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Winners at Coventry Stock Show

Yvonne Hobbs Fothergill with her under 4 month old White doe

Yvonne Hobbs Fothergill with her under 4 month old White doe, Best in Show in the 1* show judged by Rob Banks.

Grindey and Banks with their under 5 month White doe Hermione

Grindey and Banks with their under 5 month White doe, Best in Show in the Open and also in the 3* stock show judged by Christine Hamilton.