London Stock Show October 2023

Line up at Stock Show AA challenge was Whincup & Grindey 1st and 2nd with adult whites, Sally May, Bourne Stud 3rd with a smoke doe 4th Whincup & Grindey with a Chocolate, 5th Christine Hamilton with a gold, 6th Orrey Pike with a blue, 7th Sally May with a lilac.

Coloured challenge 1st Sally May, with a smoke, 2nd Whincup and Grindey with a chocolate, 3rd Christine Hamilton with a gold , 4th Orrey Pike with a Blue, and sally May with a lilac. The full breakdown will be posted in Fur and Feather.

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Orreys updates continued…

It is always good to watch how your Angora rabbits develop over time and photographs are a good way to document their process. Despite trying to assess which one may have a better show coat or body type from a very young age, this does not always help if they turn out to be a rabbit who is messy or one who chews their coat.

Here are some of my babies developing well and grooming will be the key in preparation for their show day, too much can damage the coat so grooming needs to be done carefully to ensure you maintain as much of the guard hairs as possible.

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Two bunnies – Re-homed now

Meet Maple and Albie, they are both neutered rabbits who are used to living indoors and need a new home and have now found one.

Maple is a two-year-old who is fully vaccinated and spayed and bonded with Albie who is 18 months old and also fully vaccinated and neutered. Maple is ringed while Albie is not.

I can confirm they have now found new homes, thank you to everyone who offered.

Cumbrian Wool Gathering

For those “up North” the National Angora Club will be at the Cumbrian Wool Gathering next weekend. Free spindle spinning lessons on the stand (unless me and my mobile telephone are permanently attached to that card machine. I am never sure why people want to pay by card for 90p worth of felting wool! ) Angora wool and spun wool for sale, spinning and carding demonstrations, and , of course, members talking about rabbits!

Wool @J13 on the 13th & 14th of May 2023

The National Angora Club will be at Wool@J13 in two weeks time, with Angora knitting yarn, books and spindles for sale. Free spindle spinning lessons on the stand, as usual. I do hope some of you can come.

Stock Show May 1st 2023

We had only 11 entries for the Stock show today and 10 angoras made it to the show from only 3 exhibitors.

Richard Grindey for Whincup & Grindey won Best In Show (BIS) with their magnificent white. Orrey showed a younger white with an amazing silky texture and I showed some rarer coloureds.

It is always a great experience to groom together with angora folk and enjoy the wonder of the exhibition angoras.

Christine Hamilton had best coloured with her adult blue doe.

Well done to all an amazing effort by all.

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