National Angora Club Stand at C9

Visitors to Staffordshire’s Wool @ J13 festival on 18 & 19 May 2019 can expect heaps of wool and yarn-related fun this year – including challenges aimed at getting visitors to pick up some needles and give knitting a try. 

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Lopped ear on young English Angora rabbit

When faced with a baby such as the one in the picture, you immediately think the worst. This will never make a show quality rabbit, it is in its genes, therefore useless for breeding. 

Well, don’t panic, this is not the case. Usually it is the result of too big a litter all jostling one another for space, and damaging the cartilage of the ear, excessive heat when the babies are young causing the ears to get longer and encouraging them to fall over.

The solution that usually works is to put a small amount of powdered gelatine on the food as soon as you notice it. Continue with this until the baby is about 12 weeks old. Massage the base of the ear regularly.

If you just want the rabbit for breeding, clipping will help as a lot of energy goes into growing the coat. However, by the time they are 16 weeks old the ear should be up in its normal position. You could add some calcium to the water for a week.

If your rabbit doesn’t come forward for its feed, time to check for problem teeth, worms or any other obvious problems. This time of year if it’s warm during the day, mites are about. Time to check backs of necks for knots or any obvious signs of scratching. Clip knots and treat with ivomec. Check again in a week. 

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The Annual General Meeting for the National Angora Club is to be held at 1pm at the stock show venue at Wyken Coomunity Centre, Westmorland Rd, Wyken,Coventry  Please send any items for the agenda to myself or Lesley Hordon. There will be a 3 star and a 1 star stock show.
Written by Chris Hamilton Secretary

Lopped ear

Ear problems are  common in angoras and Otitis is very common in Lops. If it is left untreated internally it may cause head tilt and can lead on to cause a respiratory infection. This inner ear infection can be diagnosed with an x-ray or CT scan. Externa Otitis can be treated with topical anit-microbials. Not to be confused with Psoroptes Cuniculi or rabbit ear mites which cause thick crusty scabs in the auditory canal.

First make sure you have the time to spare on this lovely breed, as it does need a good bit of your time to keep them fit for the show.

Get in touch with the Secretary of the breed and ask for the address of a breeder near you so that you can go and see how to house tour angora and in all ways learn as much as you can about the breed before you go in for them as they are so different from the normal coated rabbits.

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