Angora rabbit babies are very quick to learn if brought up by their Angora rabbit mother and this is evident in the self grooming behaviours you can observe when watching them. Keep an eye out for excessive grooming by a baby rabbit or by one of its siblings though of one another particularly if you intend to show them going forward as this can affect the quality of the coat and furnishings if they have been chewed off with excessive self grooming.

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If you are new to breeding Angora rabbits then this hopefully will help provide a few answers and provide details on what to expect. If you are breeding from an experienced older doe then the process should be more straight forward, although this is not always the case.

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Ros Waring has agreed to judge the Virtual Stock Show on 6th June 2021. Thank you Ros.

Send all your Entries to

For the Pet/Spinners Angoras please include your name, the rabbits age and colour and name. 2 photos are required side on and front on and to include a sign stating NASS June 2021.

Stock Show Angora rabbit entries requires 5 photos including the signage NASS June 2021. Front, side, top, underneath and blowing into coat. Please give your name, the angoras age and colour and either name or ring number.

Rosettes will be for each colour class and Best White, Best Coloured and BIS.

Hope you will all enjoy it.

Please do not post your entries on Facebook until after the results are out to keep the identity secret until after judging.

Angora wool product example

Any budding spinners, felters, weavers, artists or knitters who make anything using Angora wool fibres this is your chance to submit a photo of your Angora wool product or creation in our competition. It can be anything made out of at least 25% Angora wool, or in combination with Angora wool like a pair of gloves, a skein of Angora wool, socks, insoles, a scarf or shawl, a picture, a felted toy, the choice is yours.

So what we would like you to do is send in a photo of your Angora product, if you want to send us more than one if you have lots of products then please do, there is no limit on how many entries you can put in. 

Send your photos via e-mail to Sally May using the following e-mail 

The competition starts on the 12th April 2021 and runs until the 27th May 2021. Once all the photos have been submitted they will be posted on the website and the Facebook group and NAC members can vote by liking each photo entry. The photo with the most likes will be the winner and will get a prize.

The rules and guidelines

  1. You need to be a paid up member of the National Angora Club for 2021
  2. The only limitation is it is one photo per Angora product and that product needs to be at least 25% Angora wool
  3. The photo of your Angora product can be photographed being worn, displayed, used or however you like as long as it is clear what the product is
  4. If you want to provide any details about your Angora product with the photo submission you are welcome ie what is it, what is the ratio of Angora wool, how long it took to make etc
  5. The photo can be from any date up until the closing date of the competition with is the 27th May 2021
  6. Photos should be as good a quality as possible

As an added incentive the winner of the Angora product photo competition will be sent a National Angora Club bag and face mask in the post.

I hope everyone that entered enjoyed the experience and Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bunny competition. The pictures of the rabbits were lovely and it made it very difficult to choose between them. There are two winners with the same amount of likes each Jo Ford with Baloo and Kirsty Louise Burns with Indi. I will send the prizes to you both.

Wow, what a lot of bunnies with 37 entries thank you to everyone who submitted a photo or photos of your beautiful Angora bunnies. Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you enjoy the gallery of Easter bunnies.

Here are the entries and don’t forget to vote via the National Angora Club Facebook page for your favourites by 6pm on Sunday 4th April.

I would really like an Angora…….

An Angora rabbit in full exhibition coat is one of the most attractive sights at a rabbit show. However, before settling on the rabbit of your dreams, it is worthwhile thinking about what rabbit keeping in general involves. Rabbits need a lot of attention and Angora rabbits require extra care. 

Here are some of the questions a reputable Angora breeder will ask someone wishing to buy a rabbit, along with some of the questions that a new Angora owner will ask.

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A Poem by Yvonne Hobbs-Fothergill

The New Year dawned – 2021
We all resolved to have some fun!
Show rabbits waiting in the shed
For grooming – after they’d been fed
A lovely day seeing all our friends
The joy of showing never ends!

The rabbits proudly in the car
The hall today is not too far.
We’re hoping for a Best in Show
Or at least a CC with buck or doe.
A tiring but enjoyable day
We spend our weekends in this way

But a few weeks later Covid arrived!
And one cannot imagine how it changed our lives!!
The whole world affected – and many just died!
The virus had to be contained
As the Prime Minister explained –

No more rabbit shows as such,
No gathering of folk.
We had to stay at home instead –
We might as well be ill – or dead!!!!
It did’nt take the Fancy long
To invent a way to right this wrong!

To keep the Fancy on the go
They organised a Virtual show
With three photos to show front, side and below
For each exhibit – buck or doe
So the judges could view it
From above or below.

A Virtual show is not so bad
In lots of ways, but makes me sad
No getting up early to go to a show
No last minute grooming or packing the car
A bit of moult is not a worry
Or cleaning up bottoms in a hurry!

The rabbits were photographed looking their best

So we will have a day to rest
Waiting for judging results on the screen
While we put up our feet
All calm and serene
So we still show our rabbits as the story ends
But we show photos – and don’t see our friends.

Yvonne Hobbs Fothergill 2021