Bunny sticker bugs 50p each plus postage

To purchase any of these items as well as Angora rabbit wool fibre get in touch via the Contact page or e-mail us at nationalangoraclub@gmail.com

National Angora club cloth bags£2.00 each plus postage

NAC badges – £4.00 plus postage

We also sell a wide range of Angora rabbit wool fibre of all colours for both spinning and felting so get in touch for more information.

Angora rabbit wool fibre is a fantastic natural product and can be used in many ways to make fabulous wool garments. It is the by product of keeping Angora rabbits as they require clipping frequently for their welfare. Some of our members are so talented in their spinning, knitting and felting that it is incredible to see their products and the quality of them. If you are interested in any Angora rabbit wool products or looking to purchase some Angora rabbit wool then get in touch as we sell both the natural wool fibre as well as a range of Angora rabbit wool products. You can find our stand at many of the wool festivals if you want to see some of the products in person as they are so tactile then stop by our stand but otherwise drop us an e-mail. Below are a small selection of the types of products we make from Angora rabbit wool.

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We are organising an angora rabbit floral tribute for Yvonne’s funeral, and if we can raise enough we hope to have a Memorial Shield for a Stock Show. If you would like to donate please go to nationalangoraclub@gmail.com and donate as a friend. If you want to donate any other way please let Sally May know. Yvonne worked very hard to promote the angora rabbit and always supported the national angora club, so we feel it is a good way to do this to remember her.

Just to confirm that Yvonne Hobbs (Willowcot Stud) Funeral will be held on Thursday 12th May at 9:30am at Hereford Crematorium Westfaling Street, Hereford HR4 0JE, the wake after the service is to be held at Hereford Rowing Club 37 Greyfriars Avenue HR4 0BE. If you can message Richard Grindey to let him know of planned attendance for numbers, that would be helpful. If you are unable to attend there is a live link so please contact us for this.

Hillmans Florists

Thank you to Hillmans Florists of Hereford for the floral display for Yvonne.

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If you are looking for a pair of pet angora rabbits, and are able to provide a forever home for them, then this might be an opportunity for you. We have been contacted by the Danaher Animal Home who have two rabbits, one called Snowball and the other called Sassy that need a new forever home.

Here is their story….

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It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that Yvonne Fothergill-Hobbs sadly passed away this morning peacefully in her sleep. She has been a wonderful friend and fellow English Angora rabbit enthusiast and will be sadly missed from the hobby for all who knew her. For anyone who didn’t know Yvonne she wrote a post last year about her life long love of her Angora rabbits being a successful breeder and 63 x champion winner on the show circuit and it shows her passion and dedication to the hobby like none other.

Yvonne Hobbs (Willowcot Stud) Funeral will be held on the Thursday 12th May at 9:30am at Hereford Crematorium Westfaling Street, Hereford HR4 0JE, details of the wake are to be confirmed.

The National Angora Club will be heading to Wool@j13. Spinning, carding and combing Angora wool demonstrations on our Stand. Free spindle spinning lessons! Hope to see some of you there.

Date: 14th and 15th May

Location: Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RE

Price: Tickets from £6.00

E-mail contact: hello@wool-j13.uk Tel: 01785 330757 Mob: 07717 036213

Website: https://wool-j13.uk

Main event: A celebration of all things woolly, just off Junction 13 of the M6

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After many years in the fancy as a junior, (1999-2005), I came back to the rabbit world in 2018 after spending 9 years in Sydney, Australia doing the travelling “thing” as well as successfully building a recruitment agency so when I came back and settled in the UK, naturally I reached out to old friends to secure stock and eventually I managed to install my first shed that was totally under my control.

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Cast your mind back to the Year 1983. There were some unforgettable moments:

  • Shergar was stolen
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller video was aired on MTV for the first time
  • Flashdance and Return of the Jedi were box office hits
  • I got my first rabbit. A Netherland Dwarf called Flopsy.

Even at the age of 9 I had a strong sense of responsibility to provide my rabbit with enrichment. Unfortunately, for poor Flopsy, I opted for sticking up the centre poster of my Smash Hits on the garage wall opposite her. She could look and see which band had made it into the centre of the magazine that week.

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My Grandad was a Welsh Welter Weight Champion of Wales, but even he would have never witnessed a fight like this one!

Someone in my family (I am not pointing any fingers or naming names) didn’t close the gate between the two sets of rabbits. I didn’t notice anything was amiss until I looked into the garden a few hours later, only to find fur everywhere! Kevin and Pablo were sprawled out on the floor, panting, totally exhausted. Naturally I panicked! I grabbed Kevin and took him inside. His nose was bleeding profusely, and he had blood all down his back.

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