After many years in the fancy as a junior, (1999-2005), I came back to the rabbit world in 2018 after spending 9 years in Sydney, Australia doing the travelling “thing” as well as successfully building a recruitment agency so when I came back and settled in the UK, naturally I reached out to old friends to secure stock and eventually I managed to install my first shed that was totally under my control.

Since I’ve returned to the world of rabbits, I have mainly had a number of Best Lops and Best in Shows at both local clubs. Plus stock shows success with my first breed the Dwarf Lop although I have always admired the stunning angoras of my close and very good friend Richard Grindey as well as we both showed as juniors in the early 00’s and then I thought – hmmmm, what if?

I quickly picked up my phone and called Richard and sure enough he had very young babies and nothing “show ready “and me being me and being impatient , he then pointed me in the direction of the lovely Christine Hamilton who very generously allowed me to have “Henry” a stunning REW Angora Buck out of a litter that was coming up to 5 months old.

After waiting a couple of weeks due to ill health, I arranged to attend a show to collect Henry in Medway, Kent and as always, was greeted by such enthusiasm by Chris and there he was in Pen 1, BOOM – I thought, I’m coming back!

Back? Yes… Whilst Richard and Christine are ones to mention now, I can’t leave out Sally May who sold me a smoke Angora buck from a show in Frome in the early 2000’s – needless to say, I really didn’t really know what I was doing back despite the guidance from Sally with grooming and unfortunately had to let him go to a pet home where he was adored by children although I knew some day I’d be back and here I am!

I can’t thank Richard enough for his endless grooming lessons, without you I certainly wouldn’t be able to groom at the level (I think I can haha) and of course the lovely Christine Hamilton who selflessly entrusted Henry to me who went on to win Best Fancy U/5 at Huddersfield under John Fletcher and Best in Show under Pauline Griffiths & Dave Plummer at West Hants & East Dorset in 2022.

My shed of Angoras is slowly but surely growing and I am aiming to “Bring back the Chin” alongside the REW’s.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to everyone that’s helped me back to this wonderful breed and I look forward to putting some names to faces at the stock shows.