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Angora rabbit wool for sale

The National Angora Club sells Angora rabbit wool which comes from their members Angora rabbits on a regular basis when they are ethically clipped every 3 months causing no harm to the rabbit in any way. So if you would like to buy some for either spinning or felting work contact Lesley by e-mail at… Read more »

Angora Knitwear

With such a large proportion of our members intending or already engaged in the making of angora knitwear, a little advice on the subject may prove useful. Some, indeed, are already well experienced hand spinners of sheeps wool and are exploring the possibilities of angora. As with any handicraft, preparation is of premier importance. To… Read more »

“A Bit of Fluff” by Lesley Taylor

I think it safe to say that most people when they think of spinning think of little woolly jumpers running round a field! In my case it was little woolly bunnies, because I decided to keep the rabbits for exhibition first and then discovered the craft of spinning. One rabbit actually takes up a very… Read more »

Angora rabbit wool booties

If you like to get creative, here is something one of our talented National Angora Club members, Christine Hamilton made recently, a pair of baby booties out of Angora wool. Below are a selection of others she has also made.

The History of the Poncho by Mary Tomlin

I was thrilled to get the Wow factor in the virtual Products show and this actually confirms the reaction of people whenever I wear the poncho outside.  I’m asked “where did you get it” and when told I made it and the history of the making I’m asked “can you make me one?” Well this item… Read more »

Bunny2Beanie -My German Angoras

I have to admit my passion for angoras came from a desire to spin and knit my own fibre.  Having a German husband and being drawn to the extra yield/size of the German Angora compared to the English Angora lead me on a quest to acquire some of these more rare and majestic bunnies. My… Read more »

Winners of the Product competition

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and the overall winner was Sally May with the most votes for her felted Angora bunny. However, as we had so many fabulous entries we decided to make a few other awards.

Product competition entries 2021

Wow, what an amazing array of Angora wool products, thank you ever so much for everyone who entered it is fantastic to see such excellent craftsmanship and skill as well from our members. With 39 entries it is incredible to see such talent all together, so congratulations to you all. It is brilliant to see… Read more »

Angora product competition time

Any budding spinners, felters, weavers, artists or knitters who make anything using Angora wool fibres this is your chance to submit a photo of your Angora wool product or creation in our competition. It can be anything made out of at least 25% Angora wool, or in combination with Angora wool like a pair of… Read more »

The wool-bearing bunny

Buy the latest copy of Country Smallholding magazine to read an article by Lee Connor featuring Lesley Hordon and Richard Grindey-Banks, who are our National Angora Club Members. The three page article covers the role of Angora rabbits in wool production and exhibition. Care, housing, clipping and grooming are featured, along with advice on choosing… Read more »