Wide range of Angora wool for sale from the National Angora Club

The National Angora Club sells Angora rabbit wool which comes from their members Angora rabbits on a regular basis when they are ethically clipped every 3 months causing no harm to the rabbit in any way. So if you would like to buy some for either spinning or felting work contact Lesley by e-mail at skyrackangoras@hotmail.co.uk with your choice of type of Angora rabbit wool and colours and quantity required. Angora rabbit wool is available to buy mail order so contact Lesley to order yours for your next wool project and happy spinning or felting. More details on the pricing of the wool and colours below with a selection of photos of actual Angora rabbits to show the wool colours in situ.

Angora Spinning wool

This is the best quality spinning wool and sold in clippings from individual Angora rabbits ranging from 25 – 75g with a staple length over 2.5 inches. Each bag is priced individually at 60p per 5g. This is fine wool from back and flanks, 2.5 inch-3 inch staple. Wool is ethically sheared with scissors, with the rabbit sat on the owner’s knee and unrestrained. Wool is traceable to the breeder and name of the rabbit. Example prices include:

  • £3.00 for 25g
  • £4.80 for 40g

Angora Felting wool

This is second quality felting wool which is coarser and sold in clippings, 8 – 25g. Each bag is priced individually at 30p per 5g. This is coarser wool from the tummy and chest of the Angora rabbit. It is also shorter lengths and easier to felt with. Wool is ethically sheared and traceable as above. Example prices include:

  • 15g for 90p
  • 20g for £1.20

Wool colours available for both spinning and felting

  • White
  • Golden
  • Cream
  • Sooty Fawn
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Smole
  • Lilac
  • Brown-grey
  • Sable (Light, dark, Siamese and Marten)

No two rabbits are exactly the same colour. As a coloured rabbit matures, it becomes paler. It is best to purchase all wool for a project in advance and card it together if you wish for a uniform colour. Angora can be carded or spun from locks. Standard carders are effective. The wool can be spun as 100% Angora or blended with other fibres. One ply Angora plied with 1 ply hand spun silk is excellent for lace knitting. Angora is spun fine and at a high twist, either on a wheel or spindle. Angora wool can also be wet felted (takes a little longer than sheep’s wool) or needle felted.

To buy Angora rabbit wool, email skyrackangoras@hotmail.co.uk with your choice of wool, colours and quantity required for you next fun wool project whether you are making gloves, bootees, bonnets, brooches, a cardigan, a shawl, a stole, scarf, hat or felted animal.