Angora rabbit wool fibre is a fantastic natural product and can be used in many ways to make fabulous wool garments. It is the by product of keeping Angora rabbits as they require clipping frequently for their welfare. Some of our members are so talented in their spinning, knitting and felting that it is incredible to see their products and the quality of them. If you are interested in any Angora rabbit wool products or looking to purchase some Angora rabbit wool then get in touch as we sell both the natural wool fibre as well as a range of Angora rabbit wool products. You can find our stand at many of the wool festivals if you want to see some of the products in person as they are so tactile then stop by our stand but otherwise drop us an e-mail. Below are a small selection of the types of products we make from Angora rabbit wool.

Baby booties

Stunning hand made Angora rabbit wool baby booties in various colours depending on the wool colour used and so soft and light and warm.


Amazing gloves can be made out of Angora rabbit wool from long gloves to fingerless as well as hand covers in so many different patterns and styles it is only down to your imagination and creativity. They are warm and good for anyone who suffers from cold hands.


The hours that go into making these Angora rabbit wool shawls is lengthy but the end product is well worth it. They are like a delicate soft cobweb and looks stunning on.


This is a traditional Angora rabbit wool Bolero jacket made from 2 ply 50% Angora and 50% Falklands Merino wheel spun and hand made. It is a stunning jacket and for a baby or toddler in size and weighs 64 grms

Baby bonnet

This is really cute and a very delicate piece of woollen craft made again out of Angora rabbit wool with a ribbon to tie under the chin.

Hats made from Angora rabbit wool

Again down to design really and some great hats from flat berets to beanie hats and so soft and warm with some great patterns due to the shapes.


These are awesome as they are so warm and great for anyone who suffers from cold feet as the natural Angora rabbit woollen fibre is warm yet breathable.

Tea cosy

This is a fun way to use Angora rabbit wool with a tea cosy for all those tea lovers out there. It keeps your tea pot perfectly warm.