May 2022 National Angora Stock Show

National Angora Club Stock Show to be judged by Simon Whincup for 3 star and Peter Biggs for 1 star New judge Stock Show. To be held on Sunday 29th May 2022 at Wyken Community Centre, Westmoreland Road, (off Belgrave Rd), Wyken, Coventry. CV2 5PY. Entires to Chris Baker contact details will be in Fur and Feather the month before Show. AGM 1pm at same venue. Any items for agenda to Lesley Hordon or Chris Hamilton by the 22nd May. Location: Wyken Community Centre, Westmorland Road, Coventry CV2 5PY.

July 2022 Great British Rabbit Show

Great British Rabbit Show 6 star Championship to be held Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July. Judge Glen Hodson. National Angora Club Stock Show Sunday 3rd July. Judge Gillian Webb-Bailey. We will also have club stand and activities at this show. Venue, George Stephenson Exhibition Hall, Newark Showground  Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY. Entry fee for open side £6.00 per exhibit (£5.00 same breed colour & age class). For more information visit the Great British Rabbit Show website.

October 2022 National Angora Club 3 Star Stock Show

National Angora Club 3 Star Stock Show to be judged by Albert Aldred on Saturday 8th October at the London Championship 5 star Show. To be held at East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6HE. The Products Show will also be held on Saturday 8th October. Judge, Sian Ann Toon. Venue same as stock show. We will have activities at the club stand on both days Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October so please join us. Entry forms and online entries will be advertised in Fur and Feather and on The London Championship Show Society facebook page. Do remember there are clipped rabbit classes at stock shows and London Champs open side. Show judges to be decided at the AGM in May.

January 2023 National Angora 5 Star Stock Show

National Angora 5 Star Stock Show and Bradford Championship 7 Star Show.

Date Saturday 21st and Sun 22nd January 2023.

Products Show Saturday 21st January.

Open Show judge Mr P. Brophy and Stock Show judge to be confirmed after the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Address is Doncaster Racecourse, Lanarkshire Exhibition Hall, The Grandstand, Leger Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. DN2 6BB.

Entries to open Show which will be advertised in Fur and Feather or on Bradford Small Livestock Society facebook page. The National Angora Club is waiving entry fees and prize money for this one of Show.

Mr Chocolate Pudding comes out of under five months into the adults after an amazing run so far to day, he has achieved an amazing 4 Best in Shows, 2 Runner up Best in Shows, 6 Best Fancy’s and a Runner up Best Fancy at the 3 Star Bradford Championship show which was his first outing. This rabbit is flourishing with age and hopefully this will now continue in his Adult Show career.

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Congratulations Christine Hamilton who had best adult angora with her white doe Aphrodite. Also congratulations to Richard Grindey who had best u/5 with his young chocolate buck (Pudding) and Runner up in the Best Fancy (Group). Also Mary Tomlin won best product with her amazing Angora product waistcoat. Thank you to Neil Robertson who sent through photos he took at Doncaster.

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The National Angora Club came runner up best stand at the Bradford at the weekend. Congratulations to Lesley Hordon for doing such a great job in making this happen.

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What a great show at the ‘Bradford’ Premier Small Animal show this weekend and congratulations to all the winners from all the classes. For the National Angora Club, congratulations go to Christine Hamilton who had best adult angora with her white doe Aphrodite. Richard Grindey who had best u/5 with his young chocolate buck (Pudding) and Runner up in the Best Fancy (Group). Also Mary Tomlin won best product with her amazing Angora product waistcoat.

We will have show reports to follow so watch this post for an update shortly. Thank you again to all our NAC members and volunteers who set up and look after the club stand as well as perform demonstrations and provide on hand advice throughout the weekend. Thank you to all the stewards and judges too as it wouldn’t be a show without you all and your help and support is appreciated.

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It’s Name time

They finally have names, after a very long time I have finally decided on Big Bunny being called Rue-Rascal and Little Bunny being called Rogue-Rizzle. They have such fun characters that is was hard to decide but finally after a lot of thought and name ideas from NAC members and watching them play each day it was decided upon.

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Both babies are now going outside every day during the day now and are coping with the change to their routine and living arrangements. They are with the other Angora rabbits and get some fresh air and get to experience the sounds and sights of the outside world. They still don’t tend to eat and drink much though during the day while they are out and when they come in each night they seem to eat continuously as well as drink.

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Both bunnies are developing well and are both now spending time in a hutch in the outside shed with the other Angora rabbits during the day. They are still not fully acclimatised to being out at night as the temperature is currently a bit too cold especially now I have clipped their top coats. They have adjusted to being outside during the day though well and love the wooden table in their hutch and seem to spend most of the time sitting up on it. I put a all the food they have from their indoor cage in with them as well as some other toys, hay and their litter tray.

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