What a great show at the ‘Bradford’ Premier Small Animal show this weekend and congratulations to all the winners from all the classes. For the National Angora Club, congratulations go to Christine Hamilton who had best adult angora with her white doe Aphrodite. Richard Grindey who had best u/5 with his young chocolate buck (Pudding) and Runner up in the Best Fancy (Group). Also Mary Tomlin won best product with her amazing Angora product waistcoat.

We will have show reports to follow so watch this post for an update shortly. Thank you again to all our NAC members and volunteers who set up and look after the club stand as well as perform demonstrations and provide on hand advice throughout the weekend. Thank you to all the stewards and judges too as it wouldn’t be a show without you all and your help and support is appreciated.

English Angora Rabbit judging

Angora rabbit winners

Product Winners

Victory Row

National Angora Club Stand

Other rabbit classes being judged

Show report

Product competition Bradford Championship Show held at Doncaster Racecourse 21/22nd
January 2022.
Judge: Rebekah Staples

Class 1. Clipped Wool White (2 entries)
1st Yvonne Hobbs – Lovely length, texture, well presented, all parallel in box

2nd Yvonne Hobbs – Very good Length and texture, some not parallel in box, a few double clips.

Class 2. Clipped Wool Coloured (3 entries)
1st Yvonne Hobbs – Golden, Lovely colour that goes down well to the base, lovely texture, nicely. presented

2nd Sally May – Brown Grey. Very good length, and sheen, nicely presented.

3rd Yvonne Hobbs – Blue, nice texture, length and sheen.

Class 3. Plucked Coloured (5 entries)
1st Sally May (Best Wool) – good class, some lovely samples, plucked smoke, won on deep colour well to the base, excel length, texture, nicely presented.

2nd Jo Ford – Plucked Blue, paler colour but lovely feel to it, well prepared, lovely texture and length.

3rd Jo Ford- Plucked Smoke, good deep colour flowing to base, lovely length, nice texture.

Class 6. Spindle spun pure or mixed plied (1 entry)

1st. Lesley Hordon -Very fine spun wool, plied, lovely length and skein. Tied in four places. I ply combined angora, I play mulberry Silk. Very even.

Class 8. Wheel spun plied pure or mixed (1 entry)
1st Sally May (Best Yarn) – 90% angora smoke, 5% Angelina adds a nice touch with sparkle. Nice Halo. A bit under spun now and again, Good length, Tied in four places.

Class 10. Shawl (1 Entry) Lesley Hordon – Shawl, lovely pattern with added beads, so much work in the piece, love how the edge hung in decorative way. Well executed, lovely colour, Golden.

Class 11. Garment (1 entry)

1st Mary Tomlin (Best in Show – Sleeveless Jacket, wheel spun and hand knitted in lace. White angora plied with silk. Striped , originally white but dyed with cold water dylon dye. Handmade Dorset buttons, so many different techniques all executed to a very high standard, wonderful piece.

Class 14 Accessories Hand spun eg Hat, gloves, Scarves etc (3 entries)
1st Sally May – Beret, 50% gold angora, %0% Alpaca, nicely knitted , very neat Good Shape.

2nd Sally May – Gloves with mitten top, 50% angora 50% alpaca, Cute set of gloves with button rabbit décor. Fit well and comfy on hand.

3rd Mary Tomlin – 2 ply Blue angora wheel spun and hand knitted in pattern. Lovely colour and halo, nice pattern when worn, slender fit.

Class 16 Miscellaneous (3 entries)

 1st Sally May -100% golden angora, very cute soft toy. Suitable for a child. Hand spun and  hand knitted, has character, nice feel.

2nd Sally May-  Felted small rabbit , 90% angora 10% merino. Needle felt. Good size for child as sits in hand.

3rd Sally May – Mum and baby felted lop rabbits, nicely felted by wet felting method. Neatly sewn and made. Hand sewn eye detail on baby.