My Grandad was a Welsh Welter Weight Champion of Wales, but even he would have never witnessed a fight like this one!

Someone in my family (I am not pointing any fingers or naming names) didn’t close the gate between the two sets of rabbits. I didn’t notice anything was amiss until I looked into the garden a few hours later, only to find fur everywhere! Kevin and Pablo were sprawled out on the floor, panting, totally exhausted. Naturally I panicked! I grabbed Kevin and took him inside. His nose was bleeding profusely, and he had blood all down his back.

I needed to work through his fur methodically to locate any bites or puncture wounds. I worked out that any blood on the surface of his fur wasn’t his. I needed to look for blood seeping out through his fur but it was very difficult to assess the true extent of his injuries as his German Angora fur is so dense. Pablo had a bite to his ear, back of neck and a large deep bite above his nose. 

I rang the vet and they were able to see both rabbits immediately. The vet checked them over thoroughly for wounds. Both boys had painkillers, antibiotics and a gut stimulant injection. I took them home with strict instructions to make sure they both kept eating. Well, my two foodies didn’t stop eating. Although, they both looked very sad and sorry for themselves for a few days.

I used a spray called ‘Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare First Aid Spray.’ I bought it in Pets at Home. It is safe to use near eyes and mouth and seeing as most of the bites were to the facial area, this was a really useful spray. I made sure that both rabbits were moving around and not sitting hunched up in their enclosures. 

The main points to take from this incident are:

  • Immediately separate the rabbits.
  • Check each rabbit for wounds.
  • Blood marks are not necessarily their own.
  • Get a vet to check the rabbits out and give a professional opinion.
  • Keep the wounds clean.
  • Keep their guts stimulated. Tempt them with their favourite food.
  • Make sure they are moving around and not hunched up.
  • Make sure gates are shut behind you!

Needless to say, we have now added a spring onto the gate so it shuts automatically!