Are you using your Angora wool? If not, why not?! Ethically obtained by clipping, free, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. And very, very warm. No expensive equipment is needed. It can be spun on a homemade hand spindle, wet felted using bamboo mats, towels, soap and water and bubble wrap, or needle felted. The National Angora Club products competition is being held at the Bradford Show if you would like to see what can be made. Please send us your pictures if you make items from Angora wool to

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This might be of interest to any Angora rabbit owners, John McDougall had an Angora doe, the Champion Princess Elizabeth, christened by the Duchess of York. He sent one of the doe’s litter to the real Princess Elizabeth when the Duchess of York became the Queen.

Stock shows for 2023

21st January 2023 Bradford @Doncaster

  • Stock show Judge Phil Brasier.
  • Products same day and venue. Judge Anne Gibson.
  • 5 star Stock Show.
  • Entries to open Show.
  • Free of charge entries for the Stock show and there will be no prize money for the Stock show. 
  • We have 17 cc certificates up for grabs.
  • One for each recognised colour and one for stud buck/brood doe class.
  • So even clipped angoras can be entered.
  • We also have our Products Show on Saturday.
  • Venue Lazarus Exhibition Hall, Doncaster Racecourse, Leger Way, Doncaster, South Yorks, DN2 6BB.
  • Product entries to Sandra Orr as always our Products Secretary.

Good luck.

1st May Bank Holiday in 2023 @Luton

The Stock show judge will be Janice Gore and the Open show judge will be Derek Medlock.

October 2023 London @Peterborough

Judge Peter Biggs. 
Products London 23 Judge Chris Hamilton.

Wishing you all successful breeding for the shows.

Note for entering clipped rabbits

Those with clipped rabbits can enter the stud buck/brood doe class with clipped angoras as long as they have show ring in your name and the exhibitor is a member of BRC and  NAC.

An excellent entry of 16 angoras in our stock show and the London championship show, sadly Alan couldn’t make it so we didn’t have the full 16, however Peter brought down one of Alan’s smoke adult angoras and with help got it groomed and ready for the show.

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Come and meet us at the London Championship show at the East Midlands showground Peterborough, 8/9th October,   there will be a good entry of show angora rabbits, plus lots of other breeds. 
Plus a product competition for angora products on the Saturday.

Breeder judges

Mr A Cargo, Ms A Wray

Life judges

Mr S Whincup, Mr A Aldred, Mr G Boot, Mr B Brake, Mr K Brand, Mr P Brazier, Mr D Brophy, Mr P Brophy, Mrs J Connolly, Mrs P Cornforth, Mr A Clipsham, Mr R Everitt, Mr R Grindey, Mrs C Hamilton, Mrs P Honour, Mr G Hodson, Mrs J Leighton, Mr D Mason, Mrs E Massey-Beeston, Mrs S May, Mr D Medlock, Mr B Rideout, Mr N Robertson, Mr B Trute, Mrs G Webb-Bailey.

All round panel

Mr P Batey, Mr P Biggs, Mr O Brazier, Ms H Elliott, Ms S Elliott, Mr D Every, Ms H every, Mr P Faint, Mr J Fletcher, Mr M Fox, Mr S Germany, Mr G Gore, Mrs J Gore, Ms C Hollis, Mr N Jeffries, Mrs G McKell, Ms L Morris, Mr P Morris, Mrs D Nicholson, Mr C Petts, Mr G Richardson, Mrs R Waring.

Scottish judges

Mr J Wood and 2 vacancies.

So far it’s been a Great British Rabbit Show for the 6-star Championship being held this weekend with 12 Angora rabbit entries. The range of colours with whites was excellent with 4 whites, 2 golds, 1 sable, 1 chocolate tort, 2 brown greys, 1 smoke and 1 cinnamon and it was nice to see so many angoras today. The event is being held at the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall, Newark Showground in Newark and the judge today was Arthur Clipsham and Derek Medlock judged the Fancy Challenges. Congratulations to Richard Grindey who won overall best adult with his cinnamon and best u/5 with his brown grey and runner-up in the challenge with his smoke. Well done to all the exhibitors Richard Grindey, Chris Hamilton and Orrey Pike. More results to come from the NAC Stock Show later today.

Winner of the weekend

The Best in Show u5 and Supreme Best in Show at the Great British Rabbit Show 2022 went to Richard Grindey with a Peppa a Brown Grey doe u/5. Breed judge Mr Glen Hodson, Section Judge Mr Derek Medlock, Best in Show Judge Mrs Daphne Brass-Brown.

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Baby golden Angora rabbit (Sian Butler)

It was a close vote and the overall winner is Sian Butler with her stunning black and white image of a baby golden Angora bunny. Second place goes to Sally May with her photo of a baby blue Angora bunny. In third place is Liz Maloney with her photo of Nibs. Thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who voted on the Facebook page. Prizes will be sent out to each winner.

Second place was the photo of a baby Blue Angora (Sally May)
Nibs (Liz Maloney)

Thank you all for entering your fabulous Angora bunnies into the bunny photographic competition, here are the entries below with 31 entries to enjoy. Some fun and gorgeous characterful rabbits of all ages.

Don’t forget to vote via the National Angora Club Facebook page for your favourites by 5 pm on Thursday 30th June 2022.

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Richard being awarded the Yvonne Hobbs Memorial Shield for Best in Show

Richard had a good day showing at Coventry today with showing in the National Angora Club Stock show, taking out a young white and young smoke but the stars of the day were Cinnamon Spice winning BiS under Peter Biggs and the Little Brown Grey Peppa going BiS under Simon Whincup. Richard was also the first to be awarded the new Yvonne Hobbs Memorial Shield.

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