An excellent entry of 16 angoras in our stock show and the London championship show, sadly Alan couldn’t make it so we didn’t have the full 16, however Peter brought down one of Alan’s smoke adult angoras and with help got it groomed and ready for the show.

Richard had seven entered, Orrey two, Christine two, and Kirsty one. So the lineup was three adult whites, four adult smokes, two u/5 whites, one u/5 chocolate and one u/5 smoke. Two stud bucks/ brood does, one sooty fawn and the other a very naughty sable.

Richard took the bis in the stock show with his ault white, Alan had best coloured with his smoke. Results for the main show are to be added later.

Congratulations to all who entered, and especially Christine, who was covered in white powder, due to her help with grooming everyone else’s rabbits.

We had a good entry of products in the competition and Mary Tomlin had the best garment, Lesley Hordon best shawl, Richard best-clipped wool, Sally best wheel spun skein, Lesley best hand-spun skein.  Full results to follow. 

Thank you to Sian Toon for judging, her first time too, and to Sandra for doing all the paperwork.

Gallery of pictures from the show