I hope all members have been keeping well?

Following the invitation to publish some content regarding my rabbits, I thought I’d share some exciting things that have been happening out in my shed since my last post. 

Firstly, The most notable achievement since I last wrote,   I’ve registered my first ever NAC club champion!  “White Wendy 22E01991” after a couple of near attempts with other rabbits, finally getting one over the line meant the world to me and certainly has kept my passion for this amazing breed alive! 

As most will know, I struggled considerably with breeding my own stock for almost 18 months and since my move to Wiltshire, I seem to have babies all over the place which certainly has been a blessing! 

I just want to say a massive thanks to Sally May and Chris Hamilton for putting up with me at the end of the phone during all the times my does had missed, keeping my angora flame flying and you know what they say, keep going and it’ll come and I’m pleased to report that I’ve successfully bred Whites, Blues, Brown Greys, Golds, a Lilac and some Smokes (Pictured).

I also held a housewarming/rabbit rummage in early august and I was pleased to host a number of friends including club members to look over my litters, the day was a fantastic success – I hope you enjoyed your day, I took away lots of information about assessing babies myself, what to run on and what to move on and this in my view what our hobby is all about. 

I’ve attached a couple of photos of babies that I’ve bred along with a lovely smoke that was kindly gifted to me by Sue Borrett. 

Comments/discussion always welcome, thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up with craft and exhibition members at our next stock show at the London Championship show in October 

Happy Wooling!