Meet Nibs, a chocolate English Angora doe

This is Nibs now in 2021. She is an English Angora rabbit doe and she is as happy relaxing inside as she is outside on the grass lawn in her new home in Wales. In the first image she has been clipped whilst in the relaxed pose her wool length is starting to grow back. She is a pet rabbit and her clipped wool is used in as part of my wool products.

This is one of Nibs favourite resting spots – by the cat’s water dish!
This is her other favourite resting place on her patio play space and hutch.

Here are a few of the things we have learned about Nibs…

  1. How many positions a rabbit can rest in.
  2. That rabbit wee can be several different colours.
  3. How challenging it can be to identify wild plants that appear in the garden. (Not weeds … now salad or poison!)
  4. That she can move very fast and get through very small spaces.
  5. How much fun can be had with a small cardboard tube.
  6. How satisfying a session of brushing can be for rabbits and people.
Safe and outside finally on grass again

This is her pen in the garden so she can be outside but safely protected within her run now that the grass has started to grow and it is better weather to put her outside for a few hours.

Girls with long hair understand one another!