‘Bradford’ Premier Small Animal Show 2022

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO THIS WEEKEND?!? Join us at Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd January for the UK’s largest Small Animal Show! Doors open at 9a.m.🏆Over 2,000 Small Animals; Cavies, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice, Rabbits & Rats competing to win Best in Show! 🐰 Over 60 Specialist Cavy & Rabbit Breed Clubs for you to speak to the experts, become a member and stock up on merchandise! 🛍 Over 30 Trade Stands packed full of treats & wonderful items to take home! 🎨 Dedicated Children’s Activity Area to create and make memories!…Tickets available to purchase on the doors! Don’t miss out.

Being the daughters of a successful Angora breeder

Sally with award winning English Angora Chocolate Doe

Sally May has been breeding English Angora rabbits for over 45 years as Bourne Stud Angoras, well longer than we can remember. They have always been a part of our life. Sally is our Mum and has been dedicated to her angoras since 1975, they are part of who she is and she wouldn’t be without them.

Her love of the English Angora has been a long one, and her passion for the English breed is shown in her dedication to breeding in accordance with the breed standard and reviving the Chocolate colour in partnership with Gillian Holford.

Sally has made so many friends in the Angora world and across the world as well. She is very well known for her knowledge on all aspects of showing, breeding, and caring for them. She has been inspired through her journey by those before her like Mrs Pratley, Peggy Grant Dalton and Joan Birkett. She has made great friendships with other Angora breeders like Yvonne Fothergill-Hobbs, Leslie Hordon, Richard Grindley and too many more to name. 

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Winners of the Product competition

Winner of the product competition by Sally May

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and the overall winner was Sally May with the most votes for her felted Angora bunny. However, as we had so many fabulous entries we decided to make a few other awards.

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