This little baby Angora rabbit has damaged ears sadly and both ears have dropped or folded over as opposed to standing upright. It is not known what causes the damage, it could be by being sat on by the mother or one of the other baby bunnies or could be down to the high temperatures recently. It could also be a defect from birth but in this case the baby was born with both ears upright, then lopped one ear and now both. Gelatine supplements have been added to the water to see if this helps the ears to straighten as well as regular gentle massaging of the ears to see if this helps. All the other babies in the litter have good upright and straight ears.

April 2021 with one lopped ear
Doe sat on one of the Baby Angora rabbits could be the cause of the damage to the ears

Update on ear recovery

The ears have now fully recovered and are now in the normal position which is good. Photo taken on 29th June 2021.