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General care and breeding of Angora rabbits

Housing Angoras need a hutch 5ft x 2ft by 2ft high. Because of the Angora’s fine coat a hutch with separate sleeping compartment is not recommended as the restriction of the entrance to the compartment ‘shaves’ the sides of the coat off. They are quite hardy and may be housed outside, however, if this is… Read more »

How to keep an Angora rabbit

The angora, because of it’s coat requires a little more thought as regards it’s housing. Hutches should be acquired or constructed before the rabbit arrives. It should have a well-constructed wooden hutch, ideally measuring 3’ x 2’ x 1.8’ and with no rough surfaces.

Fly strike

Fly strike is a horrible condition in which flies lay their eggs on soiled areas around the rabbit’s anus and tail. Maggots quickly hatch out and burrow their way into the skin, and if not spotted quickly, into the rabbit’s internal organs. In early stages there may be no external signs, but later the rabbit… Read more »

Angora (and other) rabbits living together

Angora (and other) rabbits living together by Anne Gibson As I am not interested in breeding, I have all my rabbits neutered. The groups consist of one group of three Angora rabbits, a pair of rescue rabbits and a single rescue rabbit who is partially sighted. Most of my rabbits were neutered while young, except… Read more »

Foster and abandoned babies

Things to consider prior to breeding Angoras Most births go well. However it is important to be prepared for one or more of the following: Abandoned babies by their mother Inexperienced mothers who over zealously clean their babies Too large a litter. The mother cannot cope and abandons one or more of the babies Mother… Read more »

PJ the hand reared angora rabbit

PJ was born on 14th November 2015. We were about to leave to visit Kew Gardens, Derek and our son in law to the Archives in search of ancestors and Orlanda and myself to wander around Kew Gardens. On doing a check on the rabbits, before I left, I found a smoke baby, born to Josca… Read more »

Pet Taxi UK

Welcome to Pet Taxi UK – Specialist Animal Courier – The “Pawfect” Solution!  We are now heading into our fourth year of delivering our DEFRA Licensed Services across the UK and into Europe on behalf of pet owners, breeders and private Zoos. Our furthest journey so far was to the border of Switzerland to deliver 10… Read more »

Angora rabbit books

We would recommend two books in particular that are useful for Angora enthusiasts. A Beginner’s Guide to the English Angora by Barbara Pratley & Yvonne Hobbs Available from Fur and Feather Magazine £5.50 inc postage This book covers purchasing, housing, feeding, exhibition grooming, exhibition, breeding, wool harvesting and health. 48 pages. Written by two well known… Read more »

The Five Freedoms

  These Five Freedoms were originally designed for farm animals but have been adopted by the British Rabbit Council for all rabbits, including the Angora and are given below. Freedom from hunger and thirst-by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour. Freedom from discomfort- by providing an appropriate… Read more »

Grooming tools

Grooming Angora rabbits This can take some practice and a lot of experience in order to achieve a well groomed Angora rabbit particularly for show. There are a few essential items you will need in your tool kit to aid you with this and here is a brief run through of these items. If you… Read more »