We would recommend two books in particular that are useful for Angora enthusiasts.

A Beginner’s Guide to the English Angora by Barbara Pratley & Yvonne Hobbs

This book covers purchasing, housing, feeding, exhibition grooming, exhibition, breeding, wool harvesting and health. 48 pages. Written by two well known and experienced exhibitors.

The Angora Rabbit. History, Science, Care and Crafts by Lesley Hordon 2014

This book covers the history and development of the English Angora rabbit, the colours of the English Angora and their genetics, as well as feeding, housing, breeding, grooming for wool and exhibition, clipping and health. There are chapters on the French and German and US Angora breeds. Other chapters of the book cover structure and production of Angora wool, with information on carding, spinning, plying and felting, and making your own drop spindle. 164 pages.

These two books are also on sale at the National Angora Club Stand at craft festivals and the Bradford and the London Shows

There are many general and useful books on all aspects of rabbit care in the Fur and Feather bookshop. If you come across “The Domestic Rabbit by John Sandford” it is well worth a read. However it is now out of print. Try abebooks.co.uk

Examples of Angora wool related books of interest