Fly strike is a horrible condition in which flies lay their eggs on soiled areas around the rabbit’s anus and tail. Maggots quickly hatch out and burrow their way into the skin, and if not spotted quickly, into the rabbit’s internal organs. In early stages there may be no external signs, but later the rabbit may become hunched and listless. Overweight and elderly rabbits, who cannot clean themselves easily and rabbits who have episodes of diarrhoea are most at risk. The thick fur of the Angora poses an additional risk. Prevention is the best option. Keep your rabbit hutch clean, clip around the tail and hind legs of your wool rabbit to keep the wool short in that area, and inspect bottoms regularly, particularly in hot weather. Be vigilant. If the worst should happen, bathe the affected area and pick off the maggots with tweezers. Clip down the fur surrounding the area and in all but the most minor cases, get the rabbit straight to the vet’s. Sadly euthanasia may be necessary in severe cases. To help avoid fly strike use fly papers or fly traps in your rabbit shed or rabbit enclosure.