Sleeping off a feed, content little baby Angora bunny

They have both survived the first week of hand rearing and are developing well. One is definitely a better feeder than the other and is noticeably larger but both are putting on weight.

Feeding time

They are still being fed every 2-3 hours each day with the same feed from week 1 of Goats milk and small animal milk via syringe and a miracle nipple teat.

Post feeding snooze

10 days old

The weigh in

To check on their development I weigh them each day to see how much weight gain is being made as well. They have started to grow more fur and their colour is starting to be more recognisable and the ears are growing but still tucked in a backwards position by the side of the head. They are also starting to open their eyes now towards the end of week 2.

The larger of the two babies with eyes now opening on day 13.

Developing babies

Amazing changes over a few days starting to look a bit fluffy and eyes opening

More posts to follow as we track their progress into week 3.