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Animal Assisted Activities Enhance the Lives of Humans

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) is the use of animals in a recreation or visitation setting to help people with specific needs. Providing many opportunities for people of all ages to gain motivation, education and / or recreational enhancement of the quality of our human lives. Animal Assisted Activities are delivered in a range of different… Read more »

Bunny Competition time

This year we want to encourage all our members to join us in the virtual world and share your Angora bunnies with everyone. So what we would like you to do is send in a photo of your Angora bunny, if you want to send us more than one if you have lots of bunnies… Read more »

Welcome to our new members

If you are new to keeping Angora Rabbits or have just joined us this post is for you and thank you for joining the National Angora Club and welcome from all of us in 2021.

Membership for 2021 now due

We want you to be able to continue enjoying the benefits of being a National Angora Club member so now is the time to renew your membership or become a member before the 1st January. It is a great time as 2021 is the year of our biannual year book, so if you want to receive… Read more »

Green food for rabbits

All plants of the earth are specially for feeding of the animals of the universe, and as rabbits are a part of this animal kingdom the main feed of the rabbit is herb’s or in winter bark of trees. Because we have chosen to make pets of rabbits the feeding habits should not change to… Read more »

The Onion and the invisible ink

The Onion and the invisible ink, an article by Steve Cook from the 1992 Year book. It’s amazing how often common sense answers to problems are incorrect. Common sense is not always that common or sensible. For instance, I remember well a rabbit fancier expressing the view that the best way to produce cream angoras… Read more »

The wool-bearing bunny

Buy the latest copy of Country Smallholding magazine to read an article by Lee Connor featuring Lesley Hordon and Richard Grindey-Banks, who are our National Angora Club Members. The three page article covers the role of Angora rabbits in wool production and exhibition. Care, housing, clipping and grooming are featured, along with advice on choosing… Read more »

‘Les the Quack’s Column’

Leaky Faucet I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I find it is only bucks that have stubborn eye problems that refuse to clear up. Well I have found one solution that at least gives temporary relief. You must I’m afraid do the unthinkable – put a buck in with a does and… Read more »

A Woolly Tale

Fur is flying everywhere – Angoras are the cause: we eat it in our sandwiches, It’s sticking to our jaws. Jackets all have woolly linings, Skirts with silky threads are shining… It is a tangled web they weave – Where they get you’d never believe! Its quite an adventure sucking a toffee – Long threads… Read more »

Ramblings by Mary Tomlinson

This is an article from the 1998 yearbook  called ‘Ramblings” written by Mary Tomlinson. Lesley has pleaded for items for the year book, (no change) so here goes! These are not necessarily in the right order, but are being noted down as they come into my head, as the title suggests ‘Ramblings”