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Hand rearing Angora rabbits Week 1

So hopefully hand rearing baby Angora rabbits is rarely needed, but in the eventuality that it is, here is some guidance on how to do it. Recently I had a doe who gave birth to a litter of babies, she started to show signs of failing health prior to the birth and sadly died immediately… Read more »

Exhibition Grooming

The exhibition Angora has an impact on the general public quite unmatched by any other breed. A first class specimen, expertly groomed and presented, whether it takes top honours or not, will always steal the limelight, and many of our enthusiasts today owe their introduction to the Fancy to seeing one at a show. Breeders… Read more »

Variations in Faces and Ears in the English Angora

The Classic English Angora The classic English Angora comes in one of the standard colours, and has well woolled and tufted ears (tassel tips). The rabbit has a fringe, with wool long and thick between and behind the ears. Wool on the cheeks is long, but wool around the eyes and the rest of the… Read more »

Angora rabbit wool booties

If you like to get creative, here is something one of our talented National Angora Club members, Christine Hamilton made recently, a pair of baby booties out of Angora wool. Below are a selection of others she has also made.

Woolfest Online 2021

The National Angora Club is a non-profit making society which promotes the Angora rabbit and its welfare. Our members are spinners, exhibitors and companion animal owners. We sell the surplus wool of our rabbits to go towards the costs of keeping them. We keep our Angoras ethically, making it an expensive hobby. Vaccination alone can… Read more »

Wild rabbits

Have you ever spent time observing rabbits in the wild, well here are a few images from some up on a local nature reserve. It is great to see some of the traits and characteristics observed with these Wild Rabbits still being visible within the English Angora rabbit from lying fully stretched out with legs… Read more »

Mums the word

I sit upon the grooming stoolas quietly as I canThe big show is tomorrowand I’ve got to beat that tan.I’ve got to get “Best Fancy”I’ll try my very bestTo please my mistress ’cause I knowshe’s getting quite obsessed“You are the best”. She tells me,“But we’ve got to get you clean,Your tail and paws are spotlessJust… Read more »

Large litters

Large litters are hard to avoid, and this Doe produced 9 baby angoras in a wide range of colours. One of the issues though is the size of each of the babies as they develop as the Doe cannot always provide sufficient nutrients in the first few weeks to help each one develop well. Therefore… Read more »

Jo Ford English Angoras

Jo Ford is one of our NAC members who has in more recent years got the English Angora rabbit bug as well. She has started up a small stud and enjoys keeping Angora rabbits currently mainly in a pet capacity and is keen to start making wool products in the future.