It’s Name time

They finally have names, after a very long time I have finally decided on Big Bunny being called Rue-Rascal and Little Bunny being called Rogue-Rizzle. They have such fun characters that is was hard to decide but finally after a lot of thought and name ideas from NAC members and watching them play each day it was decided upon.

Vaccination time

They have had their first visit to the vets, both are now fully vaccinated against Filavac vhd1 and 2 and although not a fun experience for them, they both got through it without any problems. However, Rue-Rascal has had a small lump on her tummy since birth and this was confirmed as an umbilical hernia but it does not appear to cause her any discomfort currently but something I plan to keep an eye on. Both are also confirmed as does which helped me to also decide finally on the names.

Weigh in

The babies are no longer light weight little things, they are gaining weight quite steadily, and it is getting harder each week to weigh them as they have out grown the scales I have and won’t sit still to be weighed. However, Rue-Rascal weights 1196 gms and Rogue-Rizzle weighs 867 grms so catching up.

Attention and strokes

When the babies are inside they are entertaining to watch and love interaction as watch everything that is going on especially if you are near their cage, they stand up and seek out your attention. If you open any of the doors they instantly come to see if you are offering greens or strokes and happily sit still for strokes and vie for attention.

Play time inside

Given the change in weather again, I have decided to contiue bringing them both in at night for a few more weeks while they still both fit in the indoor cage at least. They tend to be more active when they are inside, they can set about destroying everything within the cage between the moment you bring them in until the next morning when they go back out. They like shredding cardboard boxes as a past time as well as still charging around the cage and through the tunnel without a care for where the other one might be resting. They are both good jumpers now too, and both can get out of the cage through the top just by jumping up although Rogue-Rizzle is not as good yet.

Play time outside

They still like to explore and I let them out in the rabbit shed to play while I prepare their hutch and they love to push things on the floor that I have left out on the side as well as like to sit on top of things to get a better vantage to look out which is fun and they are both very inquistive.


They still like after a run round to rest up and go through phases of activity followed by flopping out anywhere they are to rest and relax. Both bunnies tend to fully extend their legs out when they lie down and it is funny when Rogue-Rizzle was in the litter tray with her legs stuck out as she has nearly out grown it now, not that it was a sleeping box, it was supposed to be a litter tray.