Both bunnies are doing well and are currently on holiday and staying away for a week while I have another house bunny to stay. Here is an update on their holiday and how they are developing in size and personality.

Eating, Sleeping and Resting

Both bunnies like to eat, and sleep a lot. The smaller one, currently known as little bunny as we still have not decided on names yet likes to eat almost all the time and loves the greens. You have to limit how much you give them in any one sitting though otherwise they would eat it all and get upset stomachs. So they tend to get a few sprigs of parsley which is a firm favourite a few times a day with some kale tips.

The parsley seems to be inhaled while the kale takes a bit more chewing. They often try to take it from each others mouths and competition for greens is often high. They both really like hay and tend to spend a lot of time going through the hay. They are not overly choosy on where or how they sleep either and use the tunnel or litter tray or curl around one another to sleep which is quite cute.

Play time

As they are on holiday and in a larger space they have been having more play time than usual which they have enjoyed. The floor is Karndean so a bit slippery for them at first and when they first came out they slowly slipped around until they found their feet and confidence with their new temporary surroundings. Very quickly they found everything they could jump up and climb on and both like to sit on stools or higher points when they can.

They both know where the door to the cage is and happily hop in and out during play time as well. You have to watch them though when they are out as they like to test out new things so trying to ensure there is nothing in the room for them to chew which might be harmful. They like to follow you round if you walk about and little bunny took herself on an adventure through the house at one point enjoying the speed she could achieve on the carpet but was quickly encouraged back into the conservatory area. You also need to be careful to clean up after them as they do leave a trail of bunny boulders when they are out but quite easy to clean up after.

Cleaning out time

They still get cleaned out on a once or twice a day basis to ensure they have a clean place to enjoy and get really excited during this time as they know it ends with a refresh of their various foods including a top up of greens, short feed and different types of hay which they love. They are not overly dirty but tend to spill the water so the newspaper lined cage helps to soak that up and can easily be replaced. They have an array of items in their cage like balls to play with as well as hay in cardboard rolls and their original cardboard box which they can’t quite both fit into now.


They have both started to develop longer coats and look know very much like little versions of Angora rabbits so it was important to start grooming them and getting them used to being groomed. They both don’t mind the grooming of the top coat and face area but are ticklish on their feet and underneath. Little bunny likes grooming time as it likes being held and stroked and happily sits still while big bunny wants to climb around and wriggle more but will sit still initially until she has had enough. I use a towel to groom them on as it stops me getting so covered in fluff as their wool is longer and sheds. They both groom themselves and each other and are quite clean really which is great especially while they are indoors.

Look out for future updates on their progress and hopefully we will have names for them shortly after all the great suggestions from our Club members.