Both bunnies are developing well and are both now spending time in a hutch in the outside shed with the other Angora rabbits during the day. They are still not fully acclimatised to being out at night as the temperature is currently a bit too cold especially now I have clipped their top coats. They have adjusted to being outside during the day though well and love the wooden table in their hutch and seem to spend most of the time sitting up on it. I put a all the food they have from their indoor cage in with them as well as some other toys, hay and their litter tray.

Little Chin Bunny

Little bunny is the quieter of the two and also more calm and loves cuddles and being stroked. As soon as she sees you she wants her nose and head stroked and sits quite happily on you without wriggling and wanting to move about. She is very happy in human company and actively wants attention. She does have her moments of fun and gets the zoomies running through the tunnel in her hutch every now and then but soon tires herself out and goes back to eating which is her other favourite pastime.

Big Brown-Grey Bunny

Big bunny is very spritely and active most of the time when she is not fully flopped out and lying down to rest, she seems to be all or nothing in her approach to life. She likes attention and cuddles but tends to like this for a shorter time than her sister and is keen to explore her surroundings if you get her out of the hutch. Out of the two she has a more dominant personality, somewhat feisty especially when she is chewing at the salt lick or the bars of the cage. Also apologies, I have still not made a decision on names so it is Big and Little Bunny still currently.

Cleaning out

Cleaning out is still a daily task but they are a bit cleaner now than they were, they went through a really messy stage but have started to use specific sections of the hutch now as opposed to all of it.

Eating habits

They tend to eat less during the day and focus on feeding once they are back inside in the living room. The Big bunny is now 860 grams in weight and the Little Bunny is 730 grams in weight so still catching up.

First time clipping

I took the decision to clip their top coats as they are not going to be show rabbits and it was starting to become a bit matted what with them grooming each other. It looks a bit rough as they are not used to sitting still whilst being clipped, I was trying not to clip it too short so they still have some coat for warmth and it is their first time being clipped.

Sleep time

Despite putting this corner plastic tray in as a litter tray, they both seem to like lying down in it to sleep but as they grow space is becoming more limited for both of them at the same time.