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Bunny competition winners 2021

I hope everyone that entered enjoyed the experience and Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bunny competition. The pictures of the rabbits were lovely and it made it very difficult to choose between them. There are two winners with the same amount of likes each Jo Ford with Baloo and Kirsty Louise Burns… Read more »

Bunny competition entries

Wow, what a lot of bunnies with 37 entries thank you to everyone who submitted a photo or photos of your beautiful Angora bunnies. Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you enjoy the gallery of Easter bunnies. Here are the entries and don’t forget to vote via the National Angora Club Facebook page… Read more »

Thinking of getting an Angora?

I would really like an Angora……. An Angora rabbit in full exhibition coat is one of the most attractive sights at a rabbit show. However, before settling on the rabbit of your dreams, it is worthwhile thinking about what rabbit keeping in general involves. Rabbits need a lot of attention and Angora rabbits require extra… Read more »

A Virtual Solution

A Poem by Yvonne Hobbs-Fothergill The New Year dawned – 2021We all resolved to have some fun!Show rabbits waiting in the shedFor grooming – after they’d been fedA lovely day seeing all our friendsThe joy of showing never ends! The rabbits proudly in the carThe hall today is not too far.We’re hoping for a Best… Read more »

Buying your first Angora

It is very important to do your research before buying any Angora rabbits from breeders on the internet with youngsters or preloved sites. You can get into a lot of problems very easily if you don’t. Look at the British Rabbit Council and find your local clubs, or a national club, such as the National… Read more »

Surviving lockdown, with the help of my Angora rabbits

Fortunately I have Angora Rabbits, looking after them is a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge, and the daily tasks keep me quite busy. As once you have finished the morning feed and water, followed by cleaning out, grooming and or clipping then the evening feeding and water before turning the covers down for… Read more »

Animal Assisted Activities Enhance the Lives of Humans

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) is the use of animals in a recreation or visitation setting to help people with specific needs. Providing many opportunities for people of all ages to gain motivation, education and / or recreational enhancement of the quality of our human lives. Animal Assisted Activities are delivered in a range of different… Read more »

Bunny Competition time

This year we want to encourage all our members to join us in the virtual world and share your Angora bunnies with everyone. So what we would like you to do is send in a photo of your Angora bunny, if you want to send us more than one if you have lots of bunnies… Read more »