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Mums the word

I sit upon the grooming stoolas quietly as I canThe big show is tomorrowand I’ve got to beat that tan.I’ve got to get “Best Fancy”I’ll try my very bestTo please my mistress ’cause I knowshe’s getting quite obsessed“You are the best”. She tells me,“But we’ve got to get you clean,Your tail and paws are spotlessJust… Read more »

Large litters

Large litters are hard to avoid, and this Doe produced 9 baby angoras in a wide range of colours. One of the issues though is the size of each of the babies as they develop as the Doe cannot always provide sufficient nutrients in the first few weeks to help each one develop well. Therefore… Read more »

Jo Ford English Angoras

Jo Ford is one of our NAC members who has in more recent years got the English Angora rabbit bug as well. She has started up a small stud and enjoys keeping Angora rabbits currently mainly in a pet capacity and is keen to start making wool products in the future.

Richard Grindey on English Angora rabbits

This information came from a Facebook live demonstration by Richard Grindey on 13th April 2021 for the Carlisle and District Rabbit Club on English Angora rabbits providing showing and grooming advice as well as welfare and breeding information. Richard throughout the video was also responding to live chat messages and has one of his White… Read more »

Breeding from a Sable Angora rabbit

Here are a few images of a litter from a Sable Angora rabbit doe and in the litter there are 2 siamese sables (medium shade) and 1 marten sable medium and 1 white in the litter all born on Good Friday 2nd April in 2021. It is common to throw whites as we used whites to… Read more »

Standing Angora rabbits

Every Angora rabbit is an individual, so it stands to reason that not all Angoras show the same traits. One trait I have observed in some of my Angora rabbits is to stand on their hind legs to get a better look around. Some do this free standing whilst others may use a wire frame… Read more »

Self grooming baby Angora rabbits

Angora rabbit babies are very quick to learn if brought up by their Angora rabbit mother and this is evident in the self grooming behaviours you can observe when watching them. Keep an eye out for excessive grooming by a baby rabbit or by one of its siblings though of one another particularly if you… Read more »

Taking care of your brood Doe

If you are new to breeding Angora rabbits then this hopefully will help provide a few answers and provide details on what to expect. If you are breeding from an experienced older doe then the process should be more straight forward, although this is not always the case.

National Angora Club Year Book 2021

Hopefully all National Angora Club members have received their new Year Book for 2021 and thank you to Lesley Taylor, our Yearbook Editor and everyone who helped in the production of it. If there are any queries or questions get in touch with us.

Virtual Stock Show 6th June 2021

Ros Waring has agreed to judge the Virtual Stock Show on 6th June 2021. Thank you Ros. Send all your Entries to For the Pet/Spinners Angoras please include your name, the rabbits age and colour and name. 2 photos are required side on and front on and to include a sign stating NASS June… Read more »