Every Angora rabbit is an individual, so it stands to reason that not all Angoras show the same traits. One trait I have observed in some of my Angora rabbits is to stand on their hind legs to get a better look around. Some do this free standing whilst others may use a wire frame or something to stand up against. I have noticed that also if the mother Angora stands her babies also have this trait. It is not limited to the colour of the English Angora either as it has been observed in a wide range of colours but potentially down to their genetics and learnt characteristics. Many of our club members also have Angora rabbits who do this as well as shown in the gallery of images at the bottom.

Here are a few images from an English Angora Rabbit Chocolate Doe and her two Chocolate babies out on the grass and demonstrating various standing poses.

A few more images of other English Angora rabbits also in the standing pose.