Both babies are now going outside every day during the day now and are coping with the change to their routine and living arrangements. They are with the other Angora rabbits and get some fresh air and get to experience the sounds and sights of the outside world. They still don’t tend to eat and drink much though during the day while they are out and when they come in each night they seem to eat continuously as well as drink.

They still love their greens and try to eat it out of each others mouths and the focus is on eating when you put greens in the hutch. They are still keen on human interaction and sit by the cage door when it is open waiting for strokes and to be picked up and are very friendly and have good temperaments which is great.

They are kept on straw in their outdoor hutch with a wooden table for them to sit on within the hutch and it is a double span hutch so they have plenty of space to run around in. They tend to go out first thing when I go to feed in the early morning and I bring them back in when I go up to feed again later in the afternoon. I check on them throughout the day though and offer them greens just to make sure they do eat something during the day.

They have also started to use the bottle for water as well as drinking from the water dish I put in their hutch. They have soft toys with them in their hutch as well as a range of things to play with to keep them occupied as well as hay, short feed and ready grass. At night I bring them in and they can enjoy the warmth of indoors and as they are still quite young this has helped them to continue to put on weight. They are off to the vets shortly for their vaccinations as well as hopefully I will decide on names for them by then. Look out for the next post on their continued development.