They are now well on their way to becoming very distinctive Angora rabbit looking now, they have developed very fluffy wool coats however not suitable for showing as they are chewing each others coats when they groom one another. They are both potentially female after checking again the smaller one I thought was a buck is a doe, so fortunately names are still being decided.

Rufus the father of the babies

Name suggestions

So far our NAC members have come up with a wide range of name suggestions which include Ruby, Remus, Radish, Roly, Rebel, Ruffles, Rowan, Rena, Roxy, Rocket, Rufus, Rusty, Rosie, Ruben, Raspultin, Romeo, Rebel, Rogue, Rascal, Renegade, Rene, Ratan, Rowena, Rebecca, Rachel and Roxana. Once the sex of both babies is confirmed then the name selection will occur finally. The reason for them all starting with R is due to their father being called Rufus and the naming tradition of starting of the off spring with the first letter of the father.

The smaller one still feeds on milk each day, sometimes twice a day while the large one has moved fully onto hard feed and greens and does not take milk now at all. I will stop the milk now though as I think it might be causing some stomach discomfort due to the change in behaviour post feeding and will keep a watch on progress.

They are both very active and inquisitive and as soon as someone is around in the living room they come to the door of the cage asking to come out and play in the living room. I let them out for a run around mainly in the kitchen as it is easier to clean up after them and there is less for them to get into.

They are creating more mess as they get larger and cleaning out is a regular occurrence to ensure they stay clean whilst inside. They eat and sleep a lot still while they are still developing and growing in size.

As the weather is getting colder they are still indoors and I may try them outside during the day to see how they get on but have’t yet. I want to try them outside if it remains warm during the day but will still keep them inside at night. I plan to move them up to the main rabbit shed but will also wait until they have had their vaccinations before I put them in the rabbit shed with the others. I will update next week to keep you posted on how they are getting on.