Rio, the Sooty Fawn Angora, sitting patiently for his haircut. Afterwards he will be out on the lawn, digging some very big holes!

The National Angora Club is a non-profit making society which promotes the Angora rabbit and its welfare. Our members are spinners, exhibitors and companion animal owners. We sell the surplus wool of our rabbits to go towards the costs of keeping them. We keep our Angoras ethically, making it an expensive hobby. Vaccination alone can cost £70 per rabbit per year! 

We produce Angora wool ethically by shearing the rabbit every three months. This does not harm the rabbit in any way. Rabbits sit quietly on the owner’s knee to be sheared. Wool is sorted into best quality spinning wool (above 2.5 inch staple) and second quality felting wool (coarser wool from chest and tummy, and shorter lengths.) Spinning and felting wool in White and a variety of colours is available by mail order. We also sell wooden bottom whorl drop spindles at prices suitable for just having a go.

Angora Wool For Sale

To buy, email:

Angora Spinning wool: sold in clippings from individual rabbits, ranging from 25- 75g. Each bag priced individually at 60p per 5g. Examples £3.00 for 25g, £4.80 for 40g. Fine wool from back and flanks, 2.5 inch-3 inch staple. Ethically sheared with scissors, with rabbits sat on knee and unrestrained. Wool traceable to the breeder and name of the rabbit.

Angora Felting wool: sold in clippings, 8-25g. Each bag priced individually at 30p per 5g. Examples 15g for 90p, 20g for £1.20. Coarser wool from tummy and chest, also shorter lengths. Ethically sheared and traceable as above.

Wool Colours: White, Golden, Cream, Sooty Fawn, Chocolate, Blue, Smoke, Lilac, Brown grey.

A rabbit may produce between 25g-75g of best quality spinning wool.

Rio’s clipped wool on the left, on top of his pen.

Two of our most popular colours.
Brown grey is the wild rabbit colour, but long!
The classic Angora colour, white.

Spindles for Sale

Wooden bottom whorl. To buy, email:

Large: 2.5 inch whorl, 9.75inch long shaft, approx.34g £5.50 + P&P

            Suitable for spinning wool and alpaca and plying Angora

Small: 2 inch whorl, 7.25 inch long shaft, approx.22g £4.50 + P&P

            Suitable for spinning Angora and silk

1 ply Gold Angora, 1 ply Tussah silk, spindle spun on smaller of two spindles above.

Notes on Angora Wool

No two rabbits are exactly the same colour. As a coloured rabbit matures, it becomes paler. It is best to purchase all wool for a project in advance and card it together if you wish for a uniform colour. Angora can be carded or spun from locks. Standard carders are effective. Can be spun 100% Angora or blended with other fibres. One ply Angora plied with 1 ply handspun silk is excellent for lace knitting. Angora is spun fine and at a high twist, either on wheel or spindle. Can be wet felted (takes a little longer than sheep’s wool) or needle felted.

Angora skeins and knitted and felted products at a National Angora Club Show

Books for sale

£14 +P&P

£10 + P&P

£10 + P&P

£5.50 + P&P


Traditional Angora Bolero
A delicate lacy Angora Chemise
Lace Angora and Silk gloves, 100% Angora beret
Beaded 80% Smoke Angora, 20% dyed silk, spindle spun shawl
A needle felted Angora- The Best in Show! A wet felted handbag to the right.
Another needle felted Angora, a present to the Club from Lucy,