Felting fun using natural wool products

For fun I have started felting and started to create some bunny rabbits and hares out of natural fibres including Angora wool. It is a fun process and the end results can create some characterful creatures. If you want to make your own and need natural wool products get in touch.

Lucky white rabbit

Brown hare

Smoke Angora rabbit

Sleeping baby bunnies

Angora Wool For Sale

To buy, email: skyrackangoras@hotmail.co.uk

Angora Spinning wool: sold in clippings from individual rabbits, ranging from 25- 75g. Each bag priced individually at 60p per 5g. Examples £3.00 for 25g, £4.80 for 40g. Fine wool from back and flanks, 2.5 inch-3 inch staple. Ethically sheared with scissors, with rabbits sat on knee and unrestrained. Wool traceable to the breeder and name of the rabbit.

Angora Felting wool: sold in clippings, 8-25g. Each bag priced individually at 30p per 5g. Examples 15g for 90p, 20g for £1.20. Coarser wool from tummy and chest, also shorter lengths. Ethically sheared and traceable as above.

Wool Colours: White, Golden, Cream, Sooty Fawn, Chocolate, Blue, Smoke, Lilac, Brown grey.