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Open group which anyone can follow and for the UK National Angora Club, for all those who care about and keep the English angora rabbit.


Please note that unless people wishing to join the group are shown to have other friends in the group, or aren’t members of the National Angora Rabbit Club, they will not be allowed membership to this forum. This avoids animal rights activists and traders gaining access to our forum. The forum admins are supportive of the National Angora Club, and as such we strongly condemn the killing of rabbits for wool harvesting purposes.

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Angora rabbit welfare

The welfare of the Angora rabbit is very important to all members of the National Angora Club, whether exhibitors, craftspeople, pet owners or members with a combination of all three interests. 

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Club Officials 2017-2019

The National Angora Club (NAC) officials for 2017 – 2019 are listed below and include breeders, judges and enthusiasts of the English angora rabbit. If you are interested in joining the NAC (UK) then why not contact us for more information on how to become a member or go to the Constitution and rules.

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