I am often asked for homeopathic remedies for rabbit ailments. The following will do no harm and may be helpful.. Tablets, mother tincture and ointments are sold by health food shops and some pharmacies. Administration of tablets can be done whether by placing directly into the mouth, (taking care not to touch the tablet by hand), or by crushing it between two spoons and sprinkling on food or hidden, whole in a piece of bread.

The number appearing after the remedy, eg. Aconite 30, signifies the potency, and only the potency stated should be employed, as although higher potencies will not cause death, they may cause complications if incorrectly used. A dose = 1 tablet. In acute disease the medication should continue for 24-48 hours, increasing the intervals after the symptoms seem to be alleviated.

Snuffles and Pneumonia

Aconite 30. 3 doses at four-hourly intervals. Then wait 12 hours, if no improvement is seen use Bryonia 3 alternatively with Phosphorus 3 every two hours.

Eye Problems

Arnica 6. 6 three times as day. Bathe with Calendula lotion or Euphrasia lotion three or four times daily. To make these lotions use a small glass (tumbler) of tepid boiled water and add, in the case of Calendula, 5 drops of Calendula Mother Tincture. In the case of Euphrasia add 5-10 drops of Euphrasia Mother Tincture. Bathe eyes using a clean piece of cotton wool for each eye. If the eyelids are stuck together, bathe first and then apply a little Calendula ointment on them.


Sulphur 200, one dose only. Repeated once a week for three weeks

Ear Mites

Sulphur 200. One dose which may be repeated a week later if the condition has not cleared up completely.

Hair Ball

An occasional dose of Sulphur 30 will help. If necessary 10 mls. Liquid Paraffin or Olive Oil morning and evening by mouth.

Nephritis (Kidney Problems)

Where the symptoms are marked, thirst, lack of appetite, traces of blood in the urine, or sometimes as the result of a chill. Aconite 30 may relieve the symptoms. If not, one dose only of Arsenicum ALB30 will help. Do not repeat the dose unless the symptoms re-appear.


Calendula Lotion, I teaspoon of Calendula Mother Tincture to half a cup of water is a good dressing. If open woulds caused by bites or sharp instruments, Ledum 6, every two hours and apply Calendula lotion (10 drops of Mother Tincture to a wine glass of water)


From lacerations, crushed parts etc. Apply Hypericum lotion (10 drops in a wine glass of water) externally and give a dose of Hypericum 6 internally every two hours. In bad cases, keep the dressing on for 24 hours but keep moist with lotions.


Mammary glands Phytolacca 30. Morning and evening for a few days should clear up the condition.


Bathe with warm Calendula Lotion (1 teaspoon Calendula Mother Tincture to half a cup of hot water, every three hours. Tarentula Cubensis 30 by mouth, one dose at hourly intervals. When it has opened and is discharging keep a Calendula lotion (above) lint compress on it and keep changing this, when the discharge is complete use Calendula ointment instead of the lotion. If you cannot obtain Tarentula Cunbensis use Belladonna 6 every two hours until it begins to discharge, then Hepar Sulpha 6 every two or three hours and apply Hepar Sulpha ointment instead of Calendula.

Source: Yvonne Hobbs published in the National Angora Club 1994 year book