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English Angora Breed standard changes 2021

Just as an update the Breed standard changed this year for Coloured Angoras with the redefining of the Sooty Fawn colour now being Tortoiseshell (Sooty Fawn)( Black Mask) and Chocolate Tortoiseshell (Chocolate Mask)

Sooty Fawn English Angora

Sooty Fawn breed standard – This has changed in 2021 Tortoiseshell (Sooty Fawn) Black mask and feet, wool as for Golden, but with Black and Sooty shadings on lower flanks and ears Belly creamy white Chocolate Tortoiseshell Chocolate mask and feet, wool as for Golden, but with Chocolate shadings on lower flanks and ears Belly… Read more »

English angora house rabbits

Our Angora rabbits are house rabbits. Josie is a smoke and Winnie is a sooty fawn. They are both from Sally May. They are real characters and we love them to bits.

English Angora rabbit colours

Today the English Angora rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit with an average weight of 6-8 lbs. It is not generally realised that Angora rabbits can be other than white (albino).   In fact there are 15 recognised colours in the club breed standard, though some of the colours are now rare.

English Angora rabbit furnishings

Back leg furnishings Lets start with the legs. The furnishing on the legs of an Angora should go all the way along the length of both the back and front legs. This is crucial if you are looking to show your Angoras in an exhibition or competition. For more information on the breed standard see… Read more »

Best Fancy @ 3 Counties Show 2017

Congratulations to Sally May of Bourne Stud Angoras for winning the Best Fancy with her Sooty Fawn doe ,Sooty Bergil of Bourne at the Three Counties Show, with Derek Medlock Judging. Born on 19th April 2017 she is only just over five months old, but well developed.