You will need to be a member of the British rabbit council The British Rabbit Council.


Your angora rabbit will need to be wearing a British rabbit council ring in order to be shown. Your breeder should have put one on it at about eight weeks and given you a transfer card so that it’s ring number can be transferred to you. If your rabbit isn’t wearing a ring then it can be shown as a pet in any pet show. 


Your angora rabbit will need to be of the right age. Usually angoras are shown between four and seven months. After that they are clipped but they can be brought back into coat to be re shown at a later date. The coat needs to be four inches plus to be able to compete against a younger first coated rabbit. 


Find a rabbit show with angora rabbit classes. It is a good idea to ask the British rabbit council for your local club so you can contact the secretary to find out show dates and whether there is an angora class. It is not a problem if there isn’t an angora class, it can be shown in the any other variety class. Also the Fur& Feather magazine has show dates listed.


Prepare your angora rabbit for the show. Your breeder should have given you grooming lessons and could easily be able to tell you about rabbit shows. However if you need help, contact us and we can advise you further and hope you enjoy showing.