First make sure you have the time to spare on this lovely breed, as it does need a good bit of your time to keep them fit for the show.

Get in touch with the Secretary of the breed and ask for the address of a breeder near you so that you can go and see how to house tour angora and in all ways learn as much as you can about the breed before you go in for them as they are so different from the normal coated rabbits.

Chocolate English Angora babies

It is not likely that you would pick one up at a show unless it is a stock show, then you may get a breeder to take stock to sell, sometimes you may think you have seen an angora for sale at open pen shows, only to find it is a “woolly” from one of the fur breeds, as angora was put in to some of the fur breeds to improve the coat. So by going to a well known breeder you are sure of getting good stock for just a few pounds, to start well, pay well with most breeds it pays to start with a trio, a mated doe, a buck and a young doe, then you can start showing as well as breeding.

Wire base for potential show angora with newspaper underneath

When you start to show you need a wire tray to put in the show pen so your rabbit does not get soiled, never put your show rabbit on straw or shavings as this will matt the coat and make it hard work to groom for the show bench. 

Grooming for the show

When you buy your stock, ask about grooming as it is best to blow groom your rabbit not brush as you will damage the tips of the coat by brushing.  You will find most show halls have a point for a vacuum cleaner if not you can make a pair of bellows, for this you need a piece of tube, two pieces of wood, pear shape and a coil spring and some leather, that is all it needs to make your bellows to work by hand or foot.

Wire cages used at Shows

When the show life of your angora has finished, then you need to clip your stock for breeding. Most breeders clip their stock in November so they get a nice coat for winter.

Baby White Angora in a straw bed

For breeding you will find most stock take the buck most times of the year. Straw can be used for bedding for breeding, then buy the time the litter is weaned they will need to go on to wire floors ready to groom for the show.

Hope these notes will help and that you enjoy your Angoras.

Fred Folling – Year Book 1983

Clipped angora rabbit

 Note: Angoras are normally clipped after their show life is finished but then every three months after that. Photos added to this article for interest.