All rabbits need a lot of looking after, and Angoras need more than most. Grooming several times a week, clipping 3 monthly, and they can live for 10 years! If you do not wish to use the coat it is a lot of work.

Many Angoras live happily in loving pet homes, but think carefully. Would a rabbit with an easier coat such as a Lionhead be better?

Remember Angoras are NOT suitable for children’s pets. Again contact the National Angora Club and find a breeder who will teach you how to groom, clip and manage the coat.

Be wary of rescue “Angoras”. Some crossbreeds have nightmare coats to manage. Take someone with you to the rescue who is experienced with Angoras, and you will get the right rabbit.

For whatever reason you would like an Angora, start with one rabbit and get used to managing it before buying another. If you would like to keep a pair together, remember a neutered buck and neutered doe are most likely to bond (see Angora Welfare).

Make sure any second rabbit you buy is of a compatible colour if you plan to breed, and that there are no unwanted genes (such as Vienna) in its ancestry. A buck is easier to manage than a doe for a first Angora, and remains fertile for many years. If you wish to breed eventually, there will be plenty of time to get your doe when you have more experience.

In the past breeders used to invite potential buyers round to inspect their stock. Because of RVHD2, a new rabbit virus, not all breeders are comfortable with this at present.

Visit the large shows, the stock shows (see the calendar) or the craft festivals and have a chat with exhibitors and spinners. Find out all you can before buying your rabbit and join the National Angora Club for support.