Rabbit terminology

NAC – National Angora Club
BRC- British rabbit Council
CC – Challenge certificate
BIS – Best in Show
BOB – Best of Breed
AOC – any other colour
AA – Any age
Ad – Adult rabbit over five months old
U/5 – Rabbit under five months
U/4 – rabbit under four months old
Brood Doe/Stud Buck – Clipped rabbits that can be judged to the standard at a stock show
coat to be no more than an inch long
YSS- Young Stock Show
GC – Grand Challenge

Rabbit problem explanations

  • Scouring – Diahorrea
  • Bloat – when the stomach is very tight like a drum
  • Putty mouth or nose fault– When the rabbit has light colour round its dark face
  • VM – Vienna marked – when a rabbit has random white patches on it
  • VHD – Viral Haemmorrhagic Disease