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Handling your angora

Handling Regular handling results in a friendly rabbit that does not get distressed by grooming, wool clipping or toenail clipping. When you go to pick them up, use both hands and securely hold the young angora rabbit so it feels safe and secure in your hold. 

Foster and abandoned babies

Things to consider prior to breeding Angoras Most births go well. However it is important to be prepared for one or more of the following: Abandoned babies by their mother Inexperienced mothers who over zealously clean their babies Too large a litter. The mother cannot cope and abandons one or more of the babies Mother… Read more »

Angora rabbit cuteness overload

Angora rabbits are special. They are beautiful animals and are generally mild natured, have super soft woollen coats and they are ever so adorable when they are babies. It is just as well that they continue to be adorable into adulthood, as they can live to the age of 10!  Angora rabbits are fun, well… Read more »