It is good to be able to put your Angora rabbits outside in good weather to enjoy some fresh grass and fresh air if you have the space to do this. It is also a chance to observe them while they relax and check them over to ensure they are all healthy and look at the contrasting colour if you have a litter with a range of colours like this one from Blues to Lilacs to Smokes.

However a few notes for you before you put them outside.

  • Make sure you have a secure run or cage to put them in set up in advance
  • check the grass area over before to remove any plants that might be harmful or debris
  • If you know they dig make sure the run or cage has a wire base as well
  • If you are putting babies out make sure the wire cage has small enough wire that they cannot slip through it and get outside the cage
  • Ideal to watch them during their first time out to see how they react and to ensure they are safe
  • Ideally also check on them if you do leave them for any period of time whilst they are outside to check they are alright
  • Provide a shade or cover if the location is in full sun
  • Provide a water bowl or bottle if leaving them out for longer than 10 minutes
  • Make sure the cage is protected from being accessible by cats and other birds and animals as they can scare the rabbits