Wow, what an amazing array of Angora wool products, thank you ever so much for everyone who entered it is fantastic to see such excellent craftsmanship and skill as well from our members. With 39 entries it is incredible to see such talent all together, so congratulations to you all. It is brilliant to see so many ways in which Angora wool can be used from shawls to hats, slippers, toys, baby boottees, gloves, tops and in an array of colours and patterns too. Angora wool is such a versatile natural product and has endless opportunities for you to make so many items in so many ways from hand knitting, felting, needle felting, crochet and anything you can use your imagination to create.

Here are the entries and don’t forget to vote via the National Angora Club Facebook page for your favourites by 6pm on Monday 31st May 2021. You can vote for as many as you like.

1. Angora wool beret – white angora 1ply angora 1ply silk hand knitted
2. Poncho Blue – 2 ply Angora dyed with a cold dye hand knitted
3. Pink Merino wool, Silk and Cashmere with Angora wool Wheel spun
4. Baby hat hand knitted Merino wool and Angora wool
5. Blue faced Leicester, Aubergine Merino and Angora 2 ply yarn – Wheel spun
6. White Angora and Ruby Merino sparkle wheel spun 2 ply yarn
7. 1ply gold angora, 1 ply taussah silk spindle spun shawl
8. 50% Angora and 50% Merino wheel spun vintage pattern hand knitted Traditional Bolero
9. 1 ply White Angora wool with a little Angelina, 1 ply Mulberry silk spindle spun hand knitted shawl

15. Felted Angora toy 100% Angora in Smoke wool
16. Fingerless mitts – 50% Alpaca wool / 50% Angora using Gold wool hand knitted
17. Adult woolly hat – 50% Alpaca / 50% Golden Angora wool Hand knitted
19. Mittens – Angora 50% / Alpaca 50% Hand Knitted
21. 100% Angora White Wool knitted toy
22. Adult Woolly hat – 50% Alpaca / 50% Angora wool hand knitted
23. Single ply Angora with single ply Musk of fibre spun on a Turkish spindle (Drop spindle)
24. Blue Angora spun on a Turkish Spindle 2 ply
25. 2 ply Turkish Spindle spun, 1 ply Chocolate Angora, 1 ply Hand dyed Blue protein dye Angora wool
26. 2 ply Spindle spun cream Angora wool

36. Baby Boottees – Gold and White and Sable Angora wool 100%
37. Angora bunny – Needle felted and spun white Angora
39. Angora rabbit toy – 100% Chocolate Angora