Fur is flying everywhere –
Angoras are the cause:
we eat it in our sandwiches,
It’s sticking to our jaws.
Jackets all have woolly linings,
Skirts with silky threads are shining…
It is a tangled web they weave –
Where they get you’d never believe!
Its quite an adventure sucking a toffee –
Long threads are floating about in our coffee.
Its known as a high fibre diet –
I wouldn’t recommend you try it!
The hoover is all clogged with threads –
We even find wool in our beds!
My erstwhile friends just sit and grin,
Noticing the state I’m in.
A furball cure is what I need
When grooming such a fluffy breed,
It isn’t the poor rabbits’ fault –
‘Tis I who need the Kittymalt!!

Poem by Yvonne Hobbs, written for the 1992 Yearbook